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My to do list

Updated on December 19, 2011


Dreams, Hopes and Aspirations

Life is a journey we all travel and we all wish to say how much we truly enjoy it and that we spend as much time with our children and our loved ones as we can given all our obligations. I am happy to share my life and experiences with all who have touched me and have become a part of my life. When I see my son I am reminded what it is I am here for and what i still need to accomplish in my life to make my son's life a promising one filled with hope, realizing his dreams and great joy and happiness. It seems the years fly by and I am truly amazed that I am approaching one of life's milestones which is the half century mark. I remember when I was in the first grade at St Theresa of Lisieux in Brooklyn, New York and I remember when my son was born and now I am seeing my son approach his teenage years and I am now in the middle stages of my life where we start to realize how very important family and our children are to us.

I feel as we get older our time horizon changes significantly and we now feel a true sense of urgency and that time is of the essence and we have to plan for the future with a firm plan and commitment. I feel as we get older it seems we are constantly evolving and finding we have to adapt better to the many changes we will encounter. To live for 5 decades means I have seen and lived thru quite a bit in my life. it is hard to chronicle all the wonderful and memorable moments and the sad and disappointing moments so I will just indicate the things I remember in general terms. When I think of all the things I've experienced in life the 10 personal things that stand out in my life are as follows:

1) Remembering when my mom dropped me off for my very first day of school back in September 1967.

2) Spending many a summer day watching the Mets with my mom and celebrating their world series victory in 1969.

3) Spending time in the emergency room with my dad after fracturing my arm in a bicycle accident and having major surgery in 1976.

4) Graduating High school in 1979 and College in 1984.

5) Landing my first job as an accountant in 1985 and passing the CPA exam in 1987 and becoming a CPA in 1990.

6) Saying goodbye to my mom in 1990 and crying for she taught me so much about life.

7) Travelling to Europe in 1997 with a touring group.

8) Marrying my beautiful wife in 1997.

9) Witnessing the birth of our son in 1998.

10) Saying goodbye to my dad in 2009 and just remembering what a special and couragious man he was and how I will miss him and make a promise to visit both him and mom who are now together once again.

Life is truly special and we all have dream, desires, hopes and goals we set for ourselves. We can envision a list of all the things we wish to accomplish before it is our time. No one knows when that is so that is why we have to make the most of what we have and to live each day as if it is our last. We don't wish to confront that reality but it is necessary to always be aware and not so naive. I know my list of things I still need to do are very important as I have tremendous responsibility for our son and I promise I will always do my best for Matty.

My list of things I still need to do are as follows;

1) Make sure we help our son learn to adapt with his Autism/Epilepsy

2) Always be there for my family and guide our son as he continues in his schooling.

3) Attain career success and financial freedom.

4) Take our first Disney family vacation to Disney World in Orlando Florida.

5) See Matty make his confirmation.

6) Attend our son's high school graduation.

7) Share in our son's joys, friendships and happy occasions.

8) Attend our son's college graduation.

9) Help our son explore his career opportunities.

10) See our son marry that special girl and have a family of his own.

I certainly can add to this list but these are the highlights which center around our son. As i get older I realize more and more it is our children who we live for and they become the centerpiece of our life.

Selfishly I would love to in my lifetime travel cross country with my son and family and go to every major league ball park to attend a baseball game from the east coast to the west coast. That would be one of my fantasy dreams. Our life may seem long but when compared to the universe it is only a moment in time. Did you ever see a shooting star? Then you know what I mean!

Edward D. Iannielli III

Annie's song

Seasons in the Sun


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    • bayoulady profile image

      bayoulady 7 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

      The year you started school was the year my first child was born! You're not that old! But get on that to do list. life flies by after 50!