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My toddler won't eat vegetables

Updated on March 13, 2013

It's not all that uncommon for toddlers to go through periods where they won’t eat vegetables, fruit or meat. It really happens once they start realizing that there are many options and that they don’t have to eat some of the foods on their plate.

The first thing you need to do is reduce the amount of highly processed foods in your toddler’s diet. Especially sweets and never give them sweets, if they haven’t been eating their vegetables.

What doesn’t work
Trying to force your toddler to eat something, just doesn’t work. They will become convinced that the vegetables, really don’t taste good and it will only harden their resolve, not to eat it. Fortunately there are several good tricks that you can use to fix the “My toddler won’t eat vegetables” problem and we will be looking at the best of them in this article.

Stop gap measure

You can find most of the same nutritional value in fruit that you get from vegetables. So if your toddler is refusing vegetables, feed them more fruit. You might also want to put them on a multi vitamin to make sure that they are getting everything that they need.

My toddler won't eat her vegetables
My toddler won't eat her vegetables
Toddler won't eat dinner - grow it yourself
Toddler won't eat dinner - grow it yourself
Corn can be messy fun
Corn can be messy fun
Toddler won't eat table food
Toddler won't eat table food

Grow it, cook it, eat it
Involving your toddler in preparing vegetables can help them want to eat it. If possible lay out a little vegetable garden. Then get your toddler to help you plant vegetables in the garden. They can help with their beach toys, like the little plastic shovel and rake. Also they can water the plants with their toy bucket. Pick plants that are easy to grow like carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and green-beans. They can help you in the kitchen by peeling, cutting and putting the vegetables in the pot. They will definitely want to try the vegetables into which they put so much effort.

Fun vegetable shapes
If, you make the food fun, your toddler will enjoy it more. You can also mix the vegetables up with food that your toddler enjoys. For instance make a carrot man with a cheese head. Simple star, fish and square shapes can also get them to eat vegetables which they wouldn’t otherwise try.

Ninja vegetables
You can hide vegetables inside food that your toddler loves. For instance does your toddler like pizza? Experiment with putting different vegetables in their pizza. Or maybe sneaking carrots into their grilled cheese sandwich will work. If your toddler picks off the healthy bits, puree the toppings and mix them in with the sauce. I have found that toddlers love dips like cheese sauce, pizza sauce and ranch dressing.

If your toddler loves ice cream shakes, try substituting it with a healthy yogurt shake or fruit slushy. All you do is to freeze some yogurt then mix in frozen peaches or bananas. Put it in the blender with some ice cubes and you have a great healthy treat.

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