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My top 3 health monitoring gadgets

Updated on September 18, 2012

A review of 3 health monitoring devices that can help in the battle to get fit and stay healthy

If you're like me, finding a fitness regime and sticking to it is hard work.

I can easily think of 101 things to do or excuses to make rather than taking the short walk to the garage and start lifting weights or, putting on a pair of trainers to run a couple of laps around the nearby park.

The latest technology innovations can add another dimension to a fitness regime that can feel monotonous and even mind numbing. Technology, ok gadgets, can inject a little challenge that means you measure your progress and test yourself so you feel you’re winner when you've completed your fitness regime.

Here are my top three innovative gadgets for taking the tedium out of the struggle to get fit and stay healthy.

Withings Wifi Body Scales

One of your goals for getting fit might be to lose excess weight. But some exercises, for example resistance training to build up muscle will add to your weight as muscle is heavier than fat. The Withings Wi-Fi Scales displays your weight and fat content. Using these scales mean you can target your exercise to reduce fat.

The first impression that strikes you with scales – it looks high tech. The whole family can use the scale as it can track up to eight users. It has automatic user recognition, online dashboards and 40 e-health & fitness services such as Runkeeper. In the age of privacy, you can keep your measurement details on a secure website.

Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Controlling blood pressure is essential to minimise risk of heart disease. Usually, you take your blood pressure reading sitting down and relaxed. But, would you find it fascinating how your blood pressure behave while you exercise?

You can find your blood pressure readings as you exercise to get or stay fit with the Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor. The device or gadget lets monitor you blood pressure with your iphone or ipad. There is no mention in the product details of compatibility with other smart phones.

According to stats published by the American Heart Association, approx 74m people in the USA have high blood pressure (aka hypertension). This results in approx 60,000 deaths per year.

Just strap the monitor to your arm, plug it into anything beginning with an i like ipad, ipod and within seconds the screen shows your results. The device also shows pulse and keeps track of your blood pressure readings too.

Moderate physical activity performed for 30-40mins per week can lower blood pressure and prevent hypertension.

As you exercise your blood systolic pressure increases as your heart needs to deliver more oxygen via the blood stream to your muscles. Don't get alarmed if your systolic blood pressure rises all the way up to 220.

The blood pressure when your heart rests - diastolic pressure between each heart beat should stay the same or decrease slightly. If the diastolic pressure rise 20 points over your normal diastolic reading or rises to 115 you must stop exercising.

The Withings Blood pressure monitor will indicate if you fall outside the above norms, and if your readings do fall outside the norm you need to see your doctor.

Hommedics iheal

Now, here’s an amazing gadget, the Hommedics iheal, about the same size as a large wrist watch. What is it? A gadget to heal injuries. Soft tissue injuries could prevent you overcoming the struggle to get fit and stay healthy.

This gadget uses pulse electromagnetic field therapy to send painless energy waves into your body’s tissue. If you believe the claims, your body can heal 30% faster with this gadget than on its own.

iheal works by sending waves to enlarge blood capillaries within the damaged tissue bringing more blood to the treated area) and Increasing the cell metabolic rate. The other options to iheal include creams, massaging.

You apply hypo-allergenic sticky patch (comes with 48 patches) to the back of iheal to the affected area (or use strap provided for wrist or ankle). Switch on and leave on the affected area for 4-10 hours a day or while you’re asleep.

Does it work? It gets a four star rating on Amazon, which indicates it’s effective and a relatively safe alternative to taking pain killers.


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