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The Life of Indian Village

Updated on May 23, 2016

Village life


Rural livelihood

As discussed, people in rural areas engage in farming as well as lot of non- farming activities like fishing, trading, etc. In some regions, such as mountainous regions, people also practise animal husbandry. They rear sheep and goats for their wool and milk, similarly, in plains too, people rear cows, buffaloes and goats. These animals are reared for their milk and by – products. The villagers sell the milk and milk products at co - operatives set up by the government, and as a result, they are assured of a fair price.
People live in different terrains, grow different types of crops, but face similar difficulties. The problem is to make both ends meet during the lean season. All agricultural labourers and fishing communities face this real situation in all parts of India. The situation of small landowners is also not very bright. In order to make both ends meet, they tend to fall into debt traps, which make their lives difficult. The percentage of rich landowners is extremely negligible in India. Majority of the rural folk have no assured income and hardly earn enough to fulfil their daily needs.

Cow and hens


Open market of grains in village

This year my field will yield 60 – 70 bags of rice. So, I will use part of it to pay back the loan, some I have to retain for my family, and if a little excess is left then I will sell it in the open market to earn more money. Since I have a large family, this small income is not enough to meet their needs. Therefore, to arrange some more money I also work in Somappa' rice mill. We also have cows and hens. We sell the milk and eggs in the daily haat but it only helps in meeting our daily expenses.

I sold at green leaves and different vegetables in the Adoni market. No rate to the tomatoes.

My father and his father also farmer. Our land in walk-able distance. We have a cartage, and ox for pulling.

The Animals Petting


The animals market


Yemmiganur town famous trading for domestic animals

I am a farmer. I am living in a green colour village. Its name Gurajala. It's a beautiful village. It is very small, but good environment in the village. It is river side village. Paddy , sunflower and ground nut fields are in the surrounding area. Agricultural developed well by farmers society. Good support from the irrigation department.They supplying sufficient water to the fields. The farmers growing crops with high yields. Our village mangoes are exporting to the other countries. Watermelon plants are on side of Tungabhadra river. We are supplying the watermelon to Gulf country from the Hyderabad. Our village expert in paddy growing. Rice sold at market By the name of Kurnool Sona Masoori.
I am a farmer. My father and his father also farmer. Our land in walk able distance. We have a cartage, and ox for pulling.
I am specially vegetables grower. I sold at green leaves and different vegetables in the Adoni market. No rate to the tomatoes. More labours are depend on our field. We used tractor for plugging to land.
My mother petting a cat. My father petting a black dog. He using the dog for watching in the night.
My house is very big. That is old house. Recently we constructed a small reading for my sons. Big trees and small flower plants are in our open place.
A big domestic animal market is in Yemmiganur , that town 20 kilometres in the distance.

The village on river bank


Milk product food

My wife petting animals in a shed, they are one cow, two goats and three sheep and buffalo. She goes to field in evening to get grass for animals. She busy in the morning at kitchen room.
We drink the river water. We use the river water for the fields. We eat the river fishes. We catch the fishes by the nets. We sail on boats in the evening for eating air. We swim in the river.
We drinks milk more. We using milk for making curd, butter and ghee.
Our village is good in both wealth and health. No fracshanisam in your village. Good people in our village, they work hard in the fields. Women are interested in field job, and they pets domestic animals. Children are goes to the government modern school for education. Teaching standard is good in the class. The school was newly proposed by the state government.
The name of Lord Shiva temple is there. It was built by Sri Rama. We ceremony the car festival at Shivaratri. We feel the happy in inviting of the friends and relatives. We enjoy happy that day.


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