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My Love for Coffee

Updated on January 31, 2017

Coffee Memories

I am from Colombia, and most people know that the Colombian coffee is delicious. It is also a very common drink among Colombians all over the country. My parents love coffee in the morning, afternoon and night, they drink small cups of black coffee the whole day and it has been like that since I remember, however, they did not give us coffee when we were children, except at breakfast, when we were allowed a cup of milk with some drops of coffee and sugar!

I only started drinking coffee seriously when I was 20 something and started to work in an office, where the kitchen had a lot of cups, a big coffee machine, milk, and sugar. The kitchen was in the way to the toilets and a convenient stop before coming back at your desk to keep going through the work. I used to drink between 4 to 5 cups daily there, plus two at home, but I preferred a mug instead of the small cups of my parents. I actually introduced the first set of mugs to our house. My love for coffee had started.

I worked in this kind of environment for about 18 years. I never had a problem with caffeine, except that if I drank a cup at night I could not sleep, so I stopped drinking coffee in the late afternoons and evenings. Time passed and I started a healthy concern about well-being and health; among the many things I read, I found that caffeine was not only addictive but it may increase your tiredness and stress levels when you exceed your limit. I also read that drinking coffee makes more difficult to lose weight and as after your thirties the metabolism slows down, I decided to quit coffee.

I did not read any indication of how to quit coffee, for me was as natural as just stop drinking coffee. Well, I experienced for first-time withdrawal effects. I was very tired all the time and on top, I had a very strong headache that did not go away with any painkiller. After three days, I started feeling better and I was exercising a lot, so I did not have cravings. However, after some months, I had to start working until very late at nights and coffee became again my ally, and after many attempts to reduce my intake, rather than stop it completely, I managed to drink no more than 4 cups a day, most of the times only three and I did not drink at all after 3 in the afternoon.

When I started my fourth job, I found a beautiful coffee machine that appealed us all to wait few minutes until the cup was ready... this coffee was really good but in a few weeks I realized was too strong for me, my joints became very sore and stress levels raised. I started mixing the coffee with hot water and the problem was solved in about 2 weeks (I drank more than three cups per day). I do not enjoy milk with my coffee, which is the habit in the offices here, where I live, which by the way explains why the coffee is brewed strong.

I love black coffee, no milk, no sugar. I am not working anymore in a traditional space at an office. I work from home or from a library. It is unbelievable how my coffee intake was not a problem anymore. I used to drink just three cups a day, sometimes two was enough until few months ago, but weirdly I still needed at least one otherwise I got that nasty headache. Coffee addiction is really an ergonomics problem in the corporate world or actually in any office environment, I would say.

Grandparents Style

Stress and my Love for Coffee

A few months ago, I had a very stressful experience that ended up in a panic attack. I never thought that a panic attack was so horrible. My anxiety levels and my heart racing were very high…Anyway once I recovered from the crisis, I noticed that I was still very prone to anxiety and even a cup in the morning was not good for me, however, the headache did not allow me to sleep at nights so I had to make a plan.

What worked very well for me was to drink red tea in the mornings (no caffeine) and after breakfast, I drank a cup of coffee, I am still doing so and I am doing very well most of the time. I have been introduced to a special black coffee (OrganoGold) a few weeks ago. That brand offers a black coffee with a low caffeine content and the benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum powder. I tried the coffee and I liked it, it really tastes like normal coffee so, now I dare to drink again my three cups of coffee without getting nervous.

OrganoGold Black Coffee and Cafe Latte
OrganoGold Black Coffee and Cafe Latte

I will never recommend exceeding three cups of coffee of any kind, but if you drink more than three anyway, you could benefit from drinking some cups of normal caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee and some of the coffee with the Ganoderma Lucidum (there are several brands in the market offering this kind of products). I am happy with OrganoGold which can also be used nicely in coffee recipes, low GI cakes, tiramisu, Ice cream, healthy milkshakes etc.

It is always good to know the options!! If you love coffee and miss a touch of caffeine but your nerves do not allow you to enjoy normal coffee I would recommend this product to you. I am satisfied with the product.

Buy OrganoGold Step by Step

What about you?

Have you Suffered from Coffee Addiction at the Workplace?

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Sometimes the Coffee is not the Only Culprit

When my husband saw that tray, he told me: "you do not expect to have fruits next to your coffee, you rather expect a croissant or cake". I replied to him: "Well, it is time to make our morning coffee healthier". I actually arranged the tray to take this picture for my Hubpage and google plus sites, but he drank his mid-morning coffee with fruits instead of cookies. :-)

Going back to my memories and coffee, I remember that my parents and relatives drank it without anything on the side and it was usually a social drink. No one, usually, drank coffee alone. My mother, even asked for a cup when chatting by phone with a friend or relatives. No milk but definitely with sugar.

This is one of the reasons why I like coffee so much, its aroma and flavor reminds me of day-to-day moments around my family. Even when I am alone, reading my e-mail or the news, the feeling of sharing is with me. Holding the cup, with both hands, in winter season makes me feel safe and warm.

Fruits Instead of Cookies

If you have anxiety problems and love coffee, drink water or rooibos tea first thing in the morning. Try to incorporate the cup of coffee after a healthy breakfast.
If you have anxiety problems and love coffee, drink water or rooibos tea first thing in the morning. Try to incorporate the cup of coffee after a healthy breakfast.

We used to live in a cold weather city and my parents dropped a very good habit that is still practiced by some people in the Caribbean: A glass of cold water came with each small cup of coffee on the tray and nothing else. I have been told and read over the web that caffeine dehydrates but as usual there are sites that contradict this statement, however, what makes sense to me, is that drinking water after or before coffee will dilute the concentration of caffeine in our bodies. What do you think?

So here we go, we could drink a glass of water or red tea (Rooibos) as first thing in the morning (OrganoGold also offers Green Tea and Red Tea). Then prepare a healthy fruit salad with some nuts and some Greek yogurt on top. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee afterward. If there is no time to prepare the fruit salad, eat the whole fruits, a handful of nuts, and a spoon of yogurt. It is not good for our health to skip breakfast but it is worse when you are working under stress and instead of eating you drink lots of coffee,

There are many ideas, around the web and in hard-copy books, to make your breakfast healthier but usually, your body will tell what adjustments work better for you. Of course, do not forget your coffee! With moderation, no one suffers :-)


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    • Maria Dorland profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Johannesburg

      Hi Audrey, I just saw that OrganoGold has a mocha café! I added a video for you to check, in case you dare to try it :-).

    • Maria Dorland profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Johannesburg

      Thank you Audrey :-)

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      4 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Interesting hub on your love for coffee. I limit my coffee to 2 cups a day. My favorite is starbucks mocha café latte.


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