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Myofascial Release as Therapy for Neck Pain Relief

Updated on March 14, 2015

What causes neck pain?

In most cases when neck problems are developing, the cranial bones go through compression and their rhythms go through distortion. The outcome is tightened soft tissues, impinged nerves and misaligned mandible jaw. Other body parts may also be affected by cranial compressions. Where there is neck pain, there is distortion of the iliums as a result of rotated temporal bones. There is also soft tissue’s local inflammation, muscle spasm, locked sacrum distortion and shortened dural tube. In a few words, neck pain is a manifestation of structural imbalance of the soft tissue in the neck region. When the connective tissues such tendons and ligaments among others and muscles are misaligned, the structure in question is most definitely affected.

You can therefore live a healthy life with a pain-free neck by embracing a medical massage and particularly Structural Energetic Therapy which focuses on aligning the body structure. Your doctor or physician can recommend this type of massage which is a great treatment option with a prescription just like any other type of treatment. When you visit your medical massage therapist, he will follow the physician’s prescription while employing Structural Energetic Therapy techniques for relief from chronic pain. SET techniques involve use of rehabilitative methods / processes for total body alignment which alleviates neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome pain and sciatica.

What is Myofascial pain

The word myofascial is a combination of two words; “myo” referring to muscle and “fascia” referring to a connective tissue layer spreading continuously from the head to the toe. In normal circumstances, fascia moves, stretches and relaxes without any form of restriction. Otherwise, when the neck is exposed to trauma, injuries, posture problems and inflammation, the fascia in the neck region loses its elasticity and hence becomes restrictive or tight. The result is myofascial pain accompanied by reduced range of motion. Regrettably, myofascial problems are not shown by standard tests and therefore misdiagnosis may arise leading to further complications. Click here for information on back pain results, which are just as tangible

How Myofascial Release Protocols Work for relief for Neck Pain

Relief for neck pain involves use of specialized Myofascial Release protocols integrated with cranial structural techniques and energetic healing practices. It is a type of massage that has a total healing effect on tissues of the body. It deals with pain, tightness and restores movement effectively on all parts of the body, the neck included. The pain is known as myofascial pain syndrome describing chronic muscle pain which is worse in some regions referred to as trigger points.

This is achieved through myofascial release therapy which targets muscles all around the neck. Those situated along the back of the neck are suboccipitals and trapezius for neck extension, lavetor scapula and sternocleidomastoid for neck rotation. Those situated on front side of the neck are longus capitis, longus colli and infra hyoids for flexion. Neck side muscles are scalenes which assist the neck to turn to the side.

During diagnosis, your therapist watches your body or feels the texture of the tissue to try to identify different neck facial layers. The diagnosing physician may ask you to take your neck muscles through a range of motions in an effort to identify the pain areas. Keep in mind the therapist cannot diagnose because it is out of his scope of practice, but he/she can recognize symptoms and treat them. Once the restrictions are identified, a myofascial release treatment technique is performed.

During treatment, you move the neck in back and forth motions in order to stretch the target muscles. In this process, the fascia continually softens and stretches releasing trigger points or hyper-irritable knots in the affected tissues responsible for transmitting pain to other parts of the body.

As the sessions progress, you will experience increased muscle strength, increased range of motion as well as better blood circulation. Relief for neck pain occurs through this technique that addresses different neck muscles and takes the neck through multiple ranges of motion some which include: ear at the right to shoulder at the right, chin to chest, ear at the left to shoulder at the left side, head at acute angle (45 degrees) and chin pointing to concerned collar bones among others. The treatment also involves good strengthening and stretching of the affected tissues.

Permanent Body Realignment
Permanent Body Realignment | Source
2 Sessions on an 18 year old
2 Sessions on an 18 year old

How Safe Is Myofascial Release Therapy

You might be asking yourself whether this medical massage treatment option is safe. There are some massage techniques that may leave the patient with worse pain but not myofascial release especially if provided by a well-trained practitioner. A professional therapist is keen to avoid arteries and veins among other areas of caution. However, some level of physical discomfort may be experienced especially if the release is for long-held adhesions found in fascia’s deepest layers. Generally, you can trust the process as it is designed to relieve pain and cure myofascial pain completely.

The most effective therapy for neck dysfunctions combines more than one modality all which should suit specific problems. Professionals may combine Myofascial release Therapy and structural Energetic Release Therapy to achieve the ultimate goal of normalizing the neck structure to offer improvised function whose outcome is fruitful neck rehabilitation.


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