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Negative Spaces

Updated on November 24, 2015


Negative spaces are all around Us. What I mean by negative spaces is the negative energy that can be left behind inside of your emotional imprint. I have experienced this on more then one occasion. There are times when I leave out into public with my positive shoes on by the time I make it back my mind is plaguing me with issues that are not even important. I began to think thoughts that make no sense and/or very domineering in the way I view myself. What has happened, due to my environment, caused a negative imprint on my emotions. I was feeling other people's negative energy. Energy can be left behind and/or one can pick up on others emotional energy. We are all connected in a major way energy being one.

Through careful study and experience I have found a way to deal with the negative imprints that many may pick up on. Over the years it has been a constant battle to heal myself from a dramatic upbringing. I even went to school to study the soul(Psychology) in order to know how the human mind works. Grounding through meditation is one of the best things that has been handed down through ancient techniques. Stilling the mind has far more benefits then worry. Some things are out of our human control and we must find ways to overcome these daily struggles. It was not until recently that I viewed the world as being way too negative that my heart aches. It was not until recently that I chose to shed some light on our Negative Spaces that have plagued the world.

Holistic or Conventional???

I will be presenting you with a more holistic approach when it comes to dealing with Negative Spaces. It is simple, but first ask yourself: "Would I prefer a traditional way or the holistic way?" "What is the difference between the two?" The difference is (1) You may end up leaving with a toxic prescription .(2) Your answers probably will not be answered in a positive light." (3)Misdiagnosed. These are only a few of the things that I have obtained through seeking conventional practices. When you consult a practitioner (1) A spiritual analysis is done for a deeper understanding. (2) You become a big part of your very own healing process. (3) You save money & time.

Meditation w/ Aroma Therapy

Meditation became my best friend when I started crafting candles. Aroma therapy became my favorite pass time. I learned in college that our senses play a major role in our emotional state and that everything is connected yet separate inside of our human bodies. Through study I learned that incense had thousands of benefits and so did my scented candles so I began to meditate with sweet aroma to aid to my higher self. There are many different ways that one can began meditation. Meditation Techniques: White Candle and Quiet: Find yourself a quiet space in the dark or a dim lite room. Light the white candle and position yourself on a chair, in the tub, or on the bed laying flat on your back. Make sure the candle is viewable. You are to stare into the flame of the candle until your eyes water, once they water close them for 5 seconds. Repeat this until the flame is imprinted into your eyelid. It should seem as the light never went away when you closed your eye. Do this meditation for 10 minutes first or last thing in the day it aids in calming the mind and opening the third eye. Try adding music to this meditation. There are plenty of musical meditation songs on You Tube,go ahead give it a shoot. At the beginning it may seem tough,but give it a try until you have more control of the energy that you may pick up on due to your environment or the people you choose to be around. The point is to still the mind of everyday thoughts and feelings . So get into your favorite pose and LET'S GET OUR MEDITATION ON!

Create Positive Spaces

There are plenty of guided meditations available on the internet. Some of my suggestions would be those one's that are directed by a holistic practitioner. There is more then one way to heal!!! Join in as The New World takes us on a journey back to the way things are suppose to be. Pick a spot in the park and meditate in order to get rid of those Negative Spaces that we go through on a daily level. Learning yourself and researching is very essential in today's society. I have been on this path for some time now and the more people I talk to about holistic living the more I find out that many do not even know that there is a much more simpler way to go about dealing with things. Yes, some make fun because of the zing state that I am in. Once you began to meditate you began to regain your order over your life. Try this meditation technique that I have share then journal your experience as you go.2 to 4 weeks from now review that journal and your life, then you be the judge.

Negative Spaces can be turned into Positive Spaces with the number one ingredient being You!!! Try this meditation to get rid of all that is negative all that plagues you, and all that hinders you on an emotional standpoint. You owe it to yourself to create Positive Spaces!!!

Guided Meditation
Meditation Music
10 -15 minutes
Third-Eye NRG Meditation
White Candle
Intervals of 5 minutes



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