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Updated on December 9, 2013


My HUBS on the subject of Arthritis continue to command readership beyond any other issue that I have written about on HUB pages.

The "star " of my Hubs related to the relief that sufferers had found by using pure copper coins attached to their insoles which transmitted through the socks via sweat produced, relief quickly and effectively to the affected joints and thus, as claimed by many, gives relief from the symptoms of this crippling disease.

Another, more recent Hub featured information of a new breakthrough which, for the first time, was based upon dealing with the CAUSES of the condition as opposed to just seeking to deal with the painful SYMPTOMS.

Both those Hubs have attracted a wide readership which reflects on the way in which so many are victims of Arthritis rather than to state anything relating to my ability to communicate! Even so, like many people, my own personal knowledge of the disease was based on my witness of, shall we say, older folk. My first contact with the disease was to see my maternal Grandmother reduced to a wheelchair by it almost in front of my young eyes.

I suppose because of that, for many years I associated Arthritis as a disease which affected the mature and elderly without ,for a moment considering that it also caused suffering in juveniles..

Now, thanks to the fact that my articles on Arthritis provoked wide interest, my own interest in the subject has intensified and I am always keen to seek out any news on progress being made to combat both causes and symptoms by modern research.

Thus, I am pleased to be able to report that a new drug has been licensed in the UK which has the properties to benefit all juveniles who suffer from the most severe form of juvenile arthritis. Relieving this pain is a big step forward for those who otherwise faced many years of suffering and restricted mobility as a result of the unforgiving arthritis strain.


Over 2000 children in the UK suffer from the most severe type of juvenile arthritis which is currently incurable along with other forms of the disease. As advised in an earlier Hub, modern research is moving along the path of finding a cure but for now, a new advance here, to alleviate symptoms is very welcome indeed.

JUVENILE IDIOPATIC ARTHRITIS { or p JIA as it is identified}, is a condition that affects young joints with what is termed "crippling inflammatory". It can come on suddenly to effect 5 or more joints and can even lead to the young victim being confined to a wheelchair as a result. Swelling, stiffness, restricted movement and acute pain, are all manifestations of this condition.


Recent research has shown that young patients treated with the same drug as used on older sufferers, show reduced symptoms and suffer less pain.Tests were based on 40 weeks of treatment with the drug called RoACTEMRA {tocilizumbab}. In these tests 70% of improvement was shown by those taking the drug compared to others given a placebo. Trialists were aged between 2 and 16 years.

Tocilizumab, the same drug used on older sufferers, blocks an immune system messenger {IL-6}which is the trigger for inflamation and fever in both joints and organs. One of my other Hubs on Arthritis explains this more fully. Now, following the trials pJIA is licensed and welcomed by the medical profession and others closely involved in dealing with Arthritis and those who suffer from it.

The breakthrough for juvenile sufferers was aptly summed up by the CEO of the ARTHRITIS CARE charity who stated, "This is fantastic news for children as it offers them hope for the future ".

In the human condition it was said that when all was lost, the sole thing that remained was HOPE. Now it seems that for Arthritis sufferers of all ages medical research is turning their hope, which may have seemed forlorn for many years, into a bright, new and positive reality,


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