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Updated on July 31, 2012


Readers of my Hubs over time will know of my grave concerns about the seemingly unstoppable march of Obesity throughout the UK over the past 30 years or more. The appalling destruction of Physical Education in Schools, fuelled by the striking of Teachers in the 1970"s and their subsequent complicity with those opposed to exercise and the selling off of playing fields has seen us reap a most unhappy harvest. We can add to that also the destruction of the teaching of Domestic Science in Schools to the point where often mothers ability in cooking is measured by the ability to phone for different fast foods for each day of the week !

Of course most overweight people are in complete denial of the fact and shun any advice, whilst others panic and turn to all sorts of quack diets seeking a quick fix to the problem of ever increasing fat. All informed assistance is effectively ignored and often, the reason for so doing is based on opinion ranging from being completely oblivious to having a problem at all to claiming not to understand the situation they are in.

Now Scientists have finally produced a formula that even the biggest obese numpty can easily understand and thus clear away all attempts at denial. In clear headlines the message is simply this----IF YOUR WAIST IS MORE THEN HALF YOUR HEIGHT THEN YOU ARE FAT !

Now I may be biased but even obese children from 5 years upwards, and we see more and more here each year, can soon understand that. Indeed as you read this, a break to get a tape measure is recommended and test your own height and waist. The Scientists took 5 ft 10 in and 5 ft 6 in as standard heights for men and women respectively and factored a waist measurement of 36 in for men and 34 in for women as the very limits of avoiding obesity. Thus a 70 in tall man is allowed a 36 in waist, being 1 in more than half his height , with measures of 66 in and 34 in,being 2 in over half, for a woman.

Simplicity is the key to the guide and that is excellent, for all can easily self measure and then act accordingly. I would like to see this used by GP"S to calculate a person"s right to NHS treatment for obesity related illnesses. Any person being advised by a GP to reduce their weight by following a programme given by the Practitioner in 6 months, should be denied free treatment under the NHS, as the illness will be designated as "self inflicted" To my mind the illnesses of links to Obesity threaten to swamp the NHS and thus reduce the ability available to deal with other illnesses such as Cancer etc.


Clearly these measures, if ever adopted, will be years too late and we shall continue to see whole families shuffling along pavements and blocking Supermarket aisles for a long time to come. Life expectancy figures seem not to concern the obese. The fact that a none smoking male aged 30, could shorten his life by around 14% if his weight / height ratio is 0.7% and by as much as 25% if it is 0.8%. By presenting this simple screening tool scientists give everyone a measuring system that even the most clueless can use and following that seek medical assistance to both cut down on excess food and saturated fats and at the same time commence a graduated and specific exercise programme under monitoring to improve themselves.

The equation seems pretty simple to me as follows :



Rocket Science it is certainly not but as the problem continues to increase, simple but sensible steps to deal with it need constantly putting before the greedy and lazy who self harm in this way. As ever, this does not include the minority who, through no fault of their own suffer from conditions that lead to development of excess fat and tissue. To them, heartfelt sympathy and the desire to see the very best of treatment made available to them and not to be denied by the hoards who wallow in their own self inflicted obesity without an apparent care in the world. They must be taken to task and made to behave responsibly for the benefit not only of themselves, but to the whole of society.


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