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Updated on May 21, 2011

Revolutionary Emergency Airway Management


When life saving technology is placed in the hands of first responders (usually ambulances in our area), it is reassuring to the people in the community when an emergency event happens. Now some ambulances in West, Middle, and East Tennessee are adding the Glide Scope Advanced Video Laryngoscope to their arsenal of medical equipment.

Paramedics have always had the ability to manually insert a tube in a patient’s airway but often time’s extreme circumstances and difficult airways prevented successful placement.

Video laryngoscopy is widely used in hospitals mostly by anesthesiologist in operating rooms. If you or someone you know has had an operation, you’ve had a breathing tube placed in your throat. This is a safety measure to protect the patient during surgery. The video laryngoscopy is an invaluable tool to allow proper placement of the breathing tube.

This new Glide Scope video equipment costs the hospitals or ambulance services $20,000 so many of the video laryngoscope devices are purchased by auxiliary fund-raisers or other community efforts. The Glide Scope is life saving intubalation equipment for the emergency personal who works in the field.

This Glide Scope is equipped with a small high definition digital video camera and portable monitor. It provides a consistently clear real time view of the airway and tube placement enabling rapid and successful intubation.

The Glide Scope Laryngoscope has a video that creates a digital recording of the endotracheal tube placement and helps confirm the correct placement was properly accomplished.

It is also an invaluable teaching tool because it enables the playback of the best practices in the use of the Glide Scope video laryngoscope in tubulation. When the video device is being used it is recording the procedure via an SD memory card. This SD memory card can then be viewed by the emergency room physician after the patient arrives. The SD memory card can also be transferred to a personal computer for review and storage.

Now there is no need for the paramedics to manipulate the head to get a direct line of sight for visualization of the airway. The new video has made inserting a tube a lot safer for the patient. Getting the placement right the first time is a time saver for the care of the critically sick or injured. If you or your loved one received a head, neck, or spine injury in an accident, the paramedics who were skilled in using this equipment would cause fewer traumas to your body if you needed to have tubulation.

It is a requirement for the paramedics to attend specialized training to learn the operational procedures to use this revolutionary state of the art emergency airway management laryngoscope.



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    • anidae profile imageAUTHOR

      Anita Adams 

      7 years ago from Tennessee

      Thank you, mdlawyer, I appreciate your comments.

    • mdlawyer profile image


      7 years ago

      Informative write up. Thank you for the share anidea


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