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Updated on February 13, 2016


(Big up yourself Mos Def!) “Jazz music is Jah’s Music” – Memnoch El Farech (aka Soundboy)

It is important to stay well hydrated; drinking lots of water is very beneficial. I myself try to drink as much as two and a half gallons of water for the nineteen hours that I am awake each day. Water helps digestion, it goes into the cells and muscles and bones and it keeps them healthy. Water also maintains healthy skin texture and is vital to rejuvenation.

Juices, especially those of fruits and vegetables are very beneficial, but in my opinion, a person should drink at least twice as much water as anything else. I urinate at least every seventy minutes and most times there is very little color. This is the condition you want to achieve.

It is extremely healing to drink a tall glass or big cup of hot water in the mornings before eating or drinking anything else. Also, one should endeavor to eat as many water laden fruits and foods as one can. On hot days, or if one works outdoors in the sun, one should pay attention to consuming more water than usual.

Cool water is very refreshing and enjoyable, but learning to drink water that is room temperature is an important skill to have. Of course, if there is little or no food in your stomach, drinking water becomes difficult – so eating is a priority. Fortunately, you will find that drinking lots of water promotes a healthy appetite.


Soundboy filling up the tank!
Soundboy filling up the tank!

A few facts

If you don’t work or are retired, you may view this as an opportunity to heighten your health by keeping more hydrated than you would be normally able to if you were working. Water also benefits your teeth, nails and even the sheen of your hair. Water flushes your system of toxins and aids clear thinking. You will find that you are able to stay alert and concentrate for longer periods of time if you “up” your consumption of water.

As for external uses, water is very soothing to the skin. Indeed that is why you feel so much more relaxed after having a bath. It is far more about the feel and cooling effect of water on your skin than it is about the smell of soap. As for those people who access to things like a Jacuzzi tub, I know that I would be preaching to the choir.

Some water laden herbs and plants are very wholesome. Water grass and Fever grass, Aloe Vera and what Jamaicans call “Cho-Cho” jump immediately to mind. The world has discovered Fever grass and Aloe Vera, but Cho-Cho is still in the underground. I encourage you to find out more. There is a water responsive plant that Jamaicans call “Duppy Gun” that has remarkable effects on sexual performance.

Remember, your body is close to seventy six percent water, so using those statistics you will be able to see that some if not most days, despite your best efforts, you will not be able to consume enough water to effect the most positive benefits to your system. With this in mind, you should be able to cultivate better drinking habits. To quote King Solomon and Bob Marley: “In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty”. Don’t be a fool, most people don’t even realize that, despite all their other problems and distractions, what they are – is thirsty.

Drums of Water.

Even though Jamaica is the land of Wood and Water. Shortages are common. People store water for domestic purposes. These drums of water are being used for construction of the house in the background.
Even though Jamaica is the land of Wood and Water. Shortages are common. People store water for domestic purposes. These drums of water are being used for construction of the house in the background.


For smokers, (of marijuana especially), I recommend that the time it takes to roll and smoke two blunts or five “spliffs” (joints), should be the same amount of time it takes to drink four large glasses of water.

As for our female unbelievers, I have three words for you- URINARY TRACT INFECTION. Again, what takes away that knot of plasmic agony in your kidneys is a water –laden fruit called cranberry. By the time you drop to your knees begging every God that has ever existed forgiveness for being mulish about drinking lots of water, it will be too late. It is not too late now however, to get up and drink a tall glass of water – when you get to the full stop.

Nuff Respect,

George A. Clarke.

(Spirit in charge of Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence)

A note from the Interface:

Khadijah, our consultant on Mathematics wishes to leave a hint for anyone who is mathematically inclined. For a 200 pound person, there is 150 pounds of water in their system. She invites the reader to research how much water is needed to properly flush a body of 150 pounds constantly producing toxins for a 24 hour period. Her suggestion is perhaps 30 pounds of water (one-fifth of body weight). How many glasses of water would add up to thirty pounds?

I play a little game with myself every four months or so, Every Sabbath for a month, three times a year, I try to find out how quickly I can pass urine four times. I use my stopwatch to time myself. My best recorded time as of December 25, 2013 was:

1st Lap - 00:36:18:98

2nd Lap - 00:29:49:46

3rd Lap - 00:46:47:02

4th Lap - 00:35:28:72

I invite you to best me! I time my lap from the point when I sit back down and fill my glass. I call it an “Imperial Flush”. Please comment after trying it, on whether or not you feel able to see year 3030 A.D.

Love and Thanks,

Corey S.


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