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NGR Shoes – Weighted Toning Shoes for Resistance Training

Updated on April 30, 2012

NGR Muscle Toning Shoes

There is no denying the effectiveness of NGR shoes for adding extra value to your workout. The shoes will get you burning calories up to 50% faster than standard cross training shoes. NGR stands for No Gym Required, and they take resistance training out of the gym and add it to everyday exercise and walking.

The shoes are different to most toning shoes on the market in that they add resistance training to walking and working out, by using a weighted midsole. Walking and working out with the extra weight burns calories faster, tones the lower body more quickly, and helps to build up better muscle definition and lower body strength.

The shoes will strengthen the core muscles, improve stamina, boost cardiovascular fitness and help to reduce body weight and shift cellulite.

If you don't fancy the extra burn, the shoes come with two midsoles, which can be easily changed to turn the sneakers from comfortable cross training shoes into fitness equipment.

NGR Glam Weighted Toning Shoes
NGR Glam Weighted Toning Shoes

How Do NGR Shoes Work?

NGR shoes use neither a rocker sole nor instability pod to boost muscle activity, and instead they use the time honoured technique of resistance training to get the muscles working harder. Resistance training uses force to work against the muscles to get them working harder, and in the case of NGR it comes from added weight.

Each pair of NGR shoes is sold with two midsoles. The standard insole is highly comfortable and supportive and will do nothing to help you stay in shape. It will however ensure that you can use your NGR’s for all cross training and running, and any exercise which takes your fancy. They are, after all, normal cross training shoes. That is of course, until you put the weighted midsole into the shoes.

With the weighted midsole you add resistance to get the muscles working harder. Just as weight training in the gym gets you into great shape, so do NGR Shoes. The added weight helps to get the body burning calories much faster, with the muscles working harder with each step.

If a 150 lbs person walks a mile in 10 minutes, they will do less work that a 250lb person walking the same distance. Carrying extra weight makes the body work harder, such as with ankle or wrist weights.

There is no denying that with weighted shoes the muscles work harder with every step, and this translates into increased muscle activity and calorie burning and improves the cardiovascular value of exercise.

However, as a word of warning, just as the shoes will get the body working harder, the same applies to the joints. The extra weight can place an undue strain on the body, and if you already suffer from a painful joint condition or have foot and leg ailments you should not use the shoes.

NGR - No Gym Required - Weighted toning shoes for resistance training
NGR - No Gym Required - Weighted toning shoes for resistance training

No Gym Required Benefits

The shoes are great as part of a weight loss program and will get you burning up to 50% more calories when working out. The shoes are great for an intensive workout, and can be used for pretty much any exercises to add resistance training, although never jogging or running.

NGR Benefits

  • Resistance helps to burn up to 50% more calories when walking
  • Strengthens the core muscles in the body
  • Tones the legs and buttocks in the fastest time
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Increases stamina and strength
  • Features an ergonomically shaped insole for comfort
  • Sold with two midsoles to turn the shoes from cross training and jogging shoes to weighted resistance fitness equipment

NGR Drawbacks

  • NGR footwear weighs up to 3lb per shoe depending on the size, which can place undue stress on the joints
  • Weighted shoes can increase the chance of sprains and injuries
  • You should never run or jog in NGR shoes.
  • Sufferers of joint, muscle or bone problems should not use the shoes.

NGR Jennifer Womens Toning Shoes
NGR Jennifer Womens Toning Shoes

How to Use NGR Weighted Shoes

NGR shoes are standard cross trainers and can be used for pretty much anything with the normal midsole in place. However by adding the weighted insole you turn them from shoes into fitness equipment.

Just as you need to ensure proper technique is used in the gym, the same is true for the shoes. Whenever you work out and use resistance, care should be taken as the increased force can potentially cause an injury.

The weighted insole makes the shoes potentially damaging if used for running. The added weight adds more than three times the force when running. A 2lb shoe will add 6lbs of force to each leg, and the feet and ankles will have a pretty hard time of it as a result.

Apart from jogging and running, the shoes can be used for almost all other workouts and are great for adding resistance to burpees, star jumps, high knees, squat thrusts, jump rope exercises. Put on the shoes and do some step ups and you will really get the quads working overtime.

Always start off slowly and take care not to overdo it. Start out with only a little light exercise until you get used to the shoes, and build up slowly to get the body conditioned to the new exercise equipment. 

Mens NGR Shoes
Mens NGR Shoes

The Verdict on NGR Weighted Shoes

Used properly, NGR shoes can be a great aid to training, toning and weight loss. They are essentially two shoes in one. A great pair of cross training shoes, and a piece of fitness equipment.  They will get you toning and burning calories much faster than most toning shoes, for an intensive short workout. With the weighted midsole, you would not really want to wear them casually, but can still use the shoes with the standard midsole. Genius.

The shoes are part of Jennifer Cohen's No Gym Required toning and training range, which helps you to get a full gym style workout at home without having to spend a small fortune on expensive gym equipment.

If you like the sound of the shoes buy a ½ size more than you would normally wear as the shoes run a little short.


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