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NLP Therapy Techniques

Updated on August 21, 2010

3 NLP Therapy Techniques That Work Like A Charm

A lot of people are now turning to NLP therapy techniques to deal with their (and other people's) issues and problems.

It’s not really such a surprise seeing as NLP (short for neuro-linguistic programming) has been steadily gaining ground since its inception many years ago.

NLP therapy techniques have proven themselves to be effective and truly life changing. They work from the inside out, ensuring a more profound and lasting effect on the person in question.

Are you curious to learn NLP therapy? Read on to find out more!

NLP Therapy Technique # 1: Visualization

Visualization has gotten a lot of positive results from many people and works quite well with those who are equipped with a very strong imagination. To see is to believe, as they say.

People with phobias, for example, often look to visualization to get them through certain situations. Normally, a person experiencing a particular phobia can’t help but replay horrifying memories or triggers in their mind over and over again. However, with proper visualization, a person can disassociate from that fear by visualizing a more positive ending for themselves.

Case in point: let’s say that you’re having trouble speaking in front of a large audience. Your fear makes you imagine all sorts of embarrassing possibilities and past experiences that aren’t entirely pleasant.

Instead of dwelling on that train of thought, you should visualize yourself being successful and getting through the experience without a hitch. Do this over and over again until you feel like you’re ready to do the actual thing.

Some people also like to insert music into their visualizations because music makes it easier for them to remember how they visualized things to turn out.

NLP Therapy Technique # 2: Presuppositions

Presuppositions are statements that assume something is true, even if it has not yet come to pass.

So by using presuppositions, you can make people assume that they are already doing – or have done – the thing that you want them to do. Presupposition can be a powerful persuasion technique if you use it properly.

For example, if you want to encourage kids to take some medicine, you don’t ask them if they’d like to drink it up. Instead, you tell them, “When you drink this magic formula, you’ll become strong and healthy again like Tarzan.”

Aside from conforming to their playful nature, this kind of sentence subtly implies that they’ve already made the decision to drink it up. You can also say something like, “After drinking this medicine, who will you defeat first?”

NLP Therapy Technique # 3: Positive Reinforcement

People won’t admit this easily but a majority of what they do is dictated by society or at least, by what other people say to them. This kind of set-up has proven itself to be quite useful when you want somebody to keep on doing what they’re doing.

For example, if a friend came up to you wearing a cute vest and you compliment her, chances are that you’ll be seeing more of that vest real soon. Your positive reinforcement has allowed your friend to become more confident and self-assured every time she wears that vest. This will become even more effective if other people have said good things about her outfit as well. Imagine what you can do with this kind of information!

You can tell your spouse that they're looking sexier and healthier every time they come home from the gym. This will get them motivated to exercise and stay fit!

NLP therapy techniques are very powerful when used correctly, that's why many people go through NLP practitioner training programs. However, knowledge doesn’t come without a price.

You can’t just go around applying these techniques on everybody without thinking of the consequences. If you must use these NLP therapy techniques, at least use them with a clear conscience and with the people’s best interests at heart.


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    • profile image

      George 6 years ago

      This is the best program I can find,

    • marcobaratta profile image

      marcobaratta 7 years ago

      Mike, everything you said is great and true about NLP, however in order for this techiques to become effective and long lasting, they must be use to discover self potential and meaning as values. If not they are just empty procedures, what I mean is that those techniques must be endorsed your true self and potentialities so such tools could become powerful and effective, both self discovery and NLP work hand in hand to maximize our posibilities. Great article, Thanks for sharing!!!