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NO Explode Reviews - What Did I Come Away With?

Updated on September 16, 2009

I kept hearing it over and over at the gym, “You gotta try no explode. You gotta try it!” Not being one to succumb to peer pressure, (or at least not too easily…), I decided to do a bit of research and look into some no explode reviews and see what I could find. Let me tell you, the process was like a roller-coaster ride. One minute I thought I had found the holy grail of workout supplements, the next minute I was feeling like a total sucker for even considering this stuff. And don’t think that it was a short ride; oh no… I was up and down and all over the place multiple times regarding this stuff. The final verdict? I’ll tell you what, how about I share a bit of the ride with you and leave the best ‘til last.

First, let’s look at what BSN (the product manufacturer) has to say about this stuff.

Among the purported highlights of N.O. –Xplode are such things as higher training energy, motivation and intensity along with more mental alertness and focus. All good stuff to get you psyched to get into the gym and really push some iron around.

As for physical benefits, the product claims to enhance strength, power and endurance as well as work capacity through creating a resistance to fatigue. This is accomplished (to the best of my understanding) by expanding blood vessels to allow for more blood flow, thereby carrying more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles more quickly, allowing for more work and faster recovery. Seems to make sense. In addition to this physiological benefit, apparently you will get a tremendous ‘pump’ and your veins will look bigger and fuller than you’ve ever experienced.

Sounds pretty good. You have more energy and focus to go and push more weight harder and longer while also seeing and feeling immediate results to help keep you motivated. This should help you make more progress in the gym, which is what we’re all after, right? And according to numerous testimonials, this is exactly what users experience with the product.

I had great pumps, lifted more than i usually do and after and hour and fifteen minutes realized i had gone over and was not ready to be done. Amazing! felt like i had rock hard muscles.
- user comment from

I always felt pumped and ready to go at the gym
-user comment from

Pumps are unbelievable and the veins do pop!!
-user comment from

OK… so what about the other side of the coin? I’m glad you asked.

In a nutshell, it seems there were at least as many people saying that this stuff was useless as there were people excited about it. The big difference, in my opinion, was that some of these nay-sayers seemed to have scientific research to back them up. Or more accurately, they pointed out that the proponents of N.O. Xplode and other nitrous oxide supplements did NOT have scientific research to back up their incredible claims.

For example, one author from did extensive research of all available peer-reviewed industry literature and was “unable to find any research that remotely indicates increasing nitric oxide levels plays a part in increasing protein synthesis, contractile strength or any other biochemical pathway that may lead to increases in muscle mass.” He went on to say that there “appears to be no evidence whatsoever that shows increasing nitric oxide levels enhances endurance, power output and load capacity.”

Did you feel the roller-coaster just drop out from under you too?

Granted, there is something to be said for the placebo effect. If people believe something is going to help them do A, B or C, then it very well might. In addition, this stuff does have a good dose of caffeine in it, and that is known to help energy and concentration in people.

Looking at various testimonials on this side of the equation, I found lots of people voicing their opinion that the science behind the concept doesn’t exist. I also came across many that were similar to these:

This product did not live up to all the hype.
-user comment from

…within 2 hours had stomach cramps like crazy
-user comment from

I find that it tastes terrible
-user comment from

In the end, I think this 'testimonial' sums up my research on no explode reveiws:

I tried a bottle of this stuff, didn't have any success, no effect whatsoever. My brother tried it and he said it was great!
-user comment from

So, there you have it. A roller coaster ride of feedback and opinions equally vociferous on both sides of the argument. The believers are believers, and I don’t think that’s ever going to change. And why should it? If they believe they are seeing real benefits from using NO EXplode, who am I to tell them they’re not?

Will you see results if you try this? I don’t know, why don’t you tell me and everyone else here by leaving a comment if you decide to try it (or if you’ve already tried it and have an opinion you would like to share).


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    • profile image

      Phil 6 years ago

      This product has some "ok" stimulants in it. EVERYONE REACTS TO THE DIFFERENTLY!!! Derrrrrr.... For me it's working well but as I use it more and more I'm noticing my body getting used to it. I'm up to two scoops now. I'll be cycling off it in about a week. I'm going to give it a month. I do notice much bigger pumps. I do notice better focus. No jitters which is nice. I tried jacked before this and I hated that crap cuz of the jitters after. I give N O explode an 8 out of 10.. Again, we are all different, u have to try it for yourself. Try to get a sample if u can.

    • profile image

      Lazar 7 years ago

      Based on personal experience, I am SHOCKED when I read that this product did nothing for some people. I've been lifting for over 15 years without using any pre-workout boosts. A month ago, I was looking for a way to boost my motivation and workout intensity. N.O. Explode has had a MASSIVE impact on my workouts. Workout intensity increased. Fatigue as the workout progressed disappeared. Set after set feeling strong. After three weeks, I am lifting more than I have ever lifted in every exercise. All I can say is WOW. No way is this placebo. Not a chance. But everyone's body is different and there could be legit reasons that this product works for some and not for others. Give it a try and see for yourself.

      Some Tips:

      Peel back the all instructions.

      DRINK 120oz of water a day when using this stuff

      Try using only 1 scoop...and do it consistently. I have found that it's effects work better and better over time and have not needed to increase dosage.

    • profile image

      Jeff 7 years ago

      Iv been using no explode for about a year. I love it. It does everything that it says it will do. You have to follow the directions and use it the right way. I take it in the morning about 30 min before my workout, then im ready, you do get very good pumps, and you do get motivated when seeing that. I have tried the fruit punch, and lemon lime, both taste fine to me. I dont get some of the complaints on here about the tast?? All in all my only concern is the price, it is a little spendy but it works for me and ill keep buying it.

    • profile image

      rotceh_1 7 years ago

      I've used and NO Explode and to me its the best energy drink i've had. NO Explode has given me the energy ive needed to improve my cardio and weight lifting performance..

    • profile image

      Tim 7 years ago

      You know, I've used 2 jugs of this product, and I can safely say that for me, it didn't do squat. I stopped buying afterwards to save $. But it did do ONE good thing. When I took it, waited 30 min, I almost always immediately started to exercise. Only because I knew in my mind that I spent so much damn money on this product that I better put it to good use. I noticed that when I'm not on NO Xplode, sometimes I'll be lazy because I know I'm not wasting any money. Hahaha so maybe it does work! haha.

    • profile image

      Vinny 7 years ago

      I am 35 and been training 20 years clean!!!!! the product works only as a work out intensified it is not a substitute for your poor diet it will not get you any bigger you still need to put in the work !!! it will give you more energy to workout harder if your mind is in to it!!! that,s all. It works perfect for me! gives me the kick I need to complete my routine O and you need to drink lots of water to keep your liver happy first year my enzymes went very high, easily corrected by more water .

    • profile image

      Ranger565 7 years ago

      I have been using this for a month now. I will give you my feelings and thoughts. First please use this item as its descrbied on the package. I Drink 6oz of water with a scoop of N.O. Xplode 30-45 mins before my work out. As I am getting to the gym ( after driving) I start to feel Warm, as if I have just finished Cardio ( mind you I am not tired, nor is my heart beating fast) I just feel Warm. As if you can feel your blood moving. NO headachs either. I get a decent boost of energy. Does it make me feel stronger? No. But It helps me press. It stops the Fatigue that I have had in the past.

      So far, So good. No headaches, no Stomach problems. I drink it with water, I will say that I work out in the Morning and I will drink it while I eat my Oatmeal and 4 Scrambled Egg Whites. I have never drank it on an empty stomach. Good Luck, lots of Flavors, Lemonade and Fruitpunch are the best. Going to try orange next month.

    • profile image

      kangaroo joey 8 years ago

      hey man it is different for people,because after a few hours i didn't crash.It does give you results. you how to use it.

    • profile image

      Young Kim 8 years ago

      All I know is it's little better than just cup of coffee. I think it works for me and that is important that I actually consider this product is working. Psychologically it's huge advantage because you actually enjoy working out. But I know it gives me crash too and I know it's not superhealthy but who gives a damn.

    • profile image

      klajdhf 8 years ago

      Find someone who uses the product, lifts hard consistently, constantly makes gains, and ask them. You can not tell the intensity of the average poster by simply reading their comments. Lifting light weight for one week while using N.O.-Xplode and not seeing a gain is not post worthy. For me the product works.