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Updated on September 2, 2015



Do you fell abdominal discomfort even after normal meals ?

Are you suffering from flatulence problems ?

some ayurvedic simple remedies can do miracles....

  • Use spiced butter milk with your regular meal,butter milk should not be too thick and should be spiced with roasted cumin seeds and black salt/rock salt.
    [add water 4 times of curd and churn try to remove butter and add roasted cumin seeds,rocksalt /black salt as per requirements,you can add mint leaves to enhance taste.]
  • As per ayurveda advice don't drink water in between meals or just after meals,use buttermilk in place of water.You should drink water at least after one hour post meal.
  • Use vegetable soups with some powdered black pepper with meals and boiled vegetables if you have weak digestion, Don't use raw salad or sprouts use steamed one.
  • Use asafoetida ( hing ) fried in melted butter in preparing meals, it reduces flatulence and aids digestion( vat anuloman in terms of ayurveda)
  • Prepare your own spices combo for your daily use, mix dry ginger powder,fried asafoetida powder,roasted cumin seed powder,grounded black pepper,long pepper ( piper longum) pippali and black salt or rock salt .Use this combo for taste enhancing of sprouts,salads,fruits.This will increase secretions of gastric juices and enzymes and aids digestion.
  • Try to drink lukewarm water in your daily habit.
  • Avoid ice creams, chilled water,ice cubes,carbonated drinks,chilled food items in meals.
  • Don't use stale food,try to prepare fresh food every time.
  • Don't eat heavy meals at night and don't sleep just after taking meals.
  • Try to avoid sleeping during day time.
  • Add 1 teaspoonful of Aniseed/fennel ( saufn) and 1 teaspoon carom seed/bishop's weed(ajwain) in 1ltr of water boil it to half and let it cool.Consume it in a whole day its a miraculous carminative and digestive.
  • You can use some classical ayurvedic formulations like Hingwastak churna mixed with melted butter with meals and chitrakadi vati chewable tablets half hour before meals.Lahsunadi vati 2 tablets after meals.


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    • profile image

      Dr. Shailendra Shukla 2 years ago

      Good medical thoughts.

    • Dr Jitendra Pande profile image

      Jitendra Pandey 2 years ago from kanpur

      Ayurveda solution for DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS