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Updated on May 25, 2012

The Magic Of Synchronicities

I have discovered the amazing magical world of synchronicities and this totally fascinates me to the fullest. I believe that there are no accidents to why things, people and circumstances come into our lives. I believe that we attract everything into our lives through our thoughts whether good or bad. I believe that we must all monitor our thoughts and to only allow positive and enlightening ones to enter into our realm of being in order to gain something posititive from them.

The world of synchronicites totally bewilders me to say the least. I believe that the more aware we are of the synchronicites that appear in our daily lives, the more we will experience them. I don't look at it as just luck. Why would I think....Oh its just luck. To me, that kinda seems a little too dull for I like to think that I live in a somewhat magical and creative world.

I have been paying attention to my thoughts and what comes into my life, and for the past 6 months the synchronicites that I have experienced make me believe that I live in an amazing world where there is something more within the Universe or another dimension that co-exists between me and what comes forth. I believe that when we are in a state of high vibration and are aligning with all that is good..which our true nature entails us to be, thats when the synchronicites come forth. So, its important to try to be in an upbeat state of mind, having gratitude and appreciation for all things and to notice, admire and see yourself within all the beauty that the outer world has to offer. When you are totally aware, listen and observe, amazing things can be brought forth unto us.

When synchronicites happen I believe it is brought forth from another dimension similar to when I've had paranormal experiences. No one can shift my way of thinking into believing that there is no such thing as spirits, ghosts or synchronicites or the Law of Attraction. I have experienced all of those through my own being and I know the truths that I hold and I stand firm beside them always. I will not be swayed into believing otherwise and for those who are skepical, I have to say that you are missing out on so much and it is better to have somewhat of an open mind in order to experience the full experience of what this life has to offer. What harm does it have to look at life a little differently in order to experience something special for we all live in a very special world and we are all very special beings.

Here are a few synchronicites that I have experienced and I'm sure that more will be on the way so I am being fully aware of my thoughts and emotions always. Today is Wednesday April 25, so on Monday April 16 I had to go into my husbands truck to retrieve something when I saw his small notebook on the console. I picked it up and the only page that it opened too had 3 words on it, The Celestine Prophecy. I immediately thought that this is a book I think and that I had heard of it before. I closed the book and continued on with my day. The following Friday April 20 I decided to go to a second hand store to look around. I went into the book section and as I moved a book from the front of the rack the book that was behind it was magically The Celestine Prophecy....bang...loved it. I immediately remember the notebook in my hubbys truck and I purchased the book for about $1.50 and I am almost done reading it. What a fabulous concept and I suggest everyone read this great book.

The second synchronicity happened as follows. On Wednesday April 18 I had to go into the office in downtown Toronto for my monthy meetings etc. My supervisor had on a pair of lovely boots, suede and to the knee. My thought at the time was.....I love her boots, so attractive and I admired them. One the day that I found the book The Celestine Profecy I found the boots of my dreams. As I looked at the shoes and boots at the second hand shop, there they were in pristine condition....had never been worn as there was not one mark on the soles. I purchased the beautiful brown/rust suede, knee high boots with silver buckle for only $4.00. What a great thing to come forth, just what I cool I thought.

Its quite strange how both of those things came out to play in my reality isn't it? Not luck I believe but the works of something much greater and powerful. The life that I live excites me in many ways and when synchronicities come into play I can't help but think that something greater is helping me fulfill my desires. So what I shall keep doing is the following. I will remain in a very high vibratory state with love, joy and happiness in all areas of my life. I will continue to admire and love all of nature and see myself as an intricate part of the process of life within nature itself. I will continue to align with all that is good and I will continue to have gratitude for everything that is bestowed upon me. I am in a state of total awareness to my outer surroundings and my inner being, comprised of all my thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions.

What I am also doing is going through my timeline of life itself with me as the main character. I am remembering as far back as I can and the moments that stood out and why. I can see things in my past that are reflecting the course that I'm currently on but at the time I never saw the signs. Now that I know what I am looking for I can clearly see the situations as they occured going back many years in my life but I was too busy to piece the puzzle together for I did not have the knowledge that I have today.

So in aware of the synchronicites that pop up in your daily lives....the more you notice...the more they will come. Its fascinating, bewildering and magical that something else out there is helping us to move along our own directed path. Lets make our path a good one and the Universe will help us to achieve those goals especially if the benefit of our wanting is for the good of someone else or for the whole. Enjoy noticing the synchronicities in your life as I enjoy them in my life. I wish everyone the best always as you walk the road of Life.

Tammy Mackey


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    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Shan Moore 

      6 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Tammy! This hub is an exciting find for me. I would say you have presented a very wonderful topic, and nailed it. I am also amazed at the sychronicities occuring in my life and the awareness of this phenomenon started when I became a positivist. It is truly a wonderful thing to observe. Thanks. Upped and shared this one too.


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