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Naturals for Nerves

Updated on September 23, 2013

Plants for Nervousness

Spearmint All Over Relaxant
Spearmint All Over Relaxant

Nude Naturals for Anxiety

Dread, worry, and anxiety vexes you thin into restless frenzies, zaps zest from your life, and scares people to ribbons, especially if your breathing runs short. Sometimes, it's powerful enough to consume the average person. When a nervous condition escalates, you can feel you're losing your mind. Tis to anxiety disorders. Let’s explore natural ways to tame this destructive monster.

SKULLCAP is one of the best herbs for nerves. I used to use skullcap years ago whilst attending college. It helped me through by taking the edge off the peak spikes of my nerves.

Velvet Bean has been used in the Ayurvedic system for thousands of years, it reduces spasms, calms nerves and cures nervousness.

For jitters you can smoke California Poppy Root (Eschscholzia Californica Papaveraceae) for nervous tension or drink this root as a tea. Rosemary is effective for headaches caused by nervousness, the tea or essential oil. I use the oil by dotting it on my forehead. I've read that Red sage is excellent for nervous headaches.

There are herbs for minor conditions and those for severe mental disorders and confusion such as Hellebore or St. John’s Wort which is good for hysteria and more acute nervous afflictions. St. John's Wort used to give me a feeling of happiness.

Some herbs give an overall feeling of tranquility, like Gotu Kola and Valerian. Valerian brings on a sense of relief in the chest area and feels like a sedative that induces sleep too. It feels as if a breeze of non-tension fills up your torso, so it was in my experience.

Maitake Chinese mushroom helps the body adapt to stressful conditions whilst boosting the immune system.Beta-glucans may reduce anxiety and increase calmness and Lavender tea relieves anxiety as a tea or dried and burned like incense.

Reishi Mushroom lessens anxiety also by leading serenity through the nervous system. Similar to valerian, and part of the valerian family is Spikenard. This plant promotes peace and serves as a nerve sedative for disorders and the lungs. It is said to work as a "tranquilizer". Thyme tends to nervous disorders and also eases breathing

Other plants for insomnia caused by restless nervous conditions include: Catnip, Jasmine, and Jujube dates. Wood Betony has a particular effect on the nervous system. I've even read it can be beneficial for Parkinson's disease. Tasting very similar to black tea, it promotes sleep rather than stimulate the body being caffeine-free.

Relaxant plants like Chamomile and Butterfly weed are good for general calming just as Hops when taken as a tea is quite relaxing.

Lemon Balm tea takes away tension as Lime flower tea. The two of them turn alkaline in the body maybe that attributes to the calming of tension.

Holy Basil or Tulsi (India) Holy Basil soaks up positive damaging ions.

Clary Sage is soothing and quieting to the nerves. People would do well if they drank sage tea instead of coffee or black tea. Wild Yam soothes the nerves

Achieve mental rest with Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) and Mandarin teas as they create peaceful release from tantalizing thoughts and tension. Vetiver is quite calming and soothing to nerves and mind.

Spearmint essential oil is calming to the entire body. Vervain/Verbena great as a tea for nervous headache and general all-over nervousness

Black cohosh

Blue vervain

Blue violet

California poppy Root





Evening primrose oil

Gotu Kola


Ho shou wu



Kava Kava

Essential oils are extracted from many sources such as: trees, flowers, roots, bushes and seeds. The elements are warriors against disease, and negative conditions. The oils are very potent and are quickly absorbed through the skin or nose.

Korean ginseng

Lady's slipper


Lemon balm


Lime Flowers








Oat straw


Peach leaves

Peruvian bark


Queen of the Meadow

Red Clover

Reishi Mushroom





Solomon's seal


Squaw vine

St. John’s Wort




Wild Cherry

Wild Yam

Wood Betony

White Dittany the "Burning Bush"


1 oz. lobelia seed, 1 oz. of cayenne, 1 oz. of Solomon's seal, 1 oz. of blue violet roots, 1 oz. of sprignut, 2 oz. of yellow popular, handful of beech drops, 2 oz. of fit root, and place into four quarts of pure gin. Lightly cork for seven days in a hot place. After seven days, strain and add four pounds of molasses or brown sugar and two quarts of water. This is infallible.

Frankincense and clover teas help deal with nerve disease, I use clover to expel worms.


Aspen (populous tremula) is related to the soul potentials of fearlessness and overcoming. Remaining in a negative Aspen state, it says we get caught up with unconscious anxieties. People in need of Aspen are unaware they’re filled with images and thoughts from the astral planes, and feel stuck in this fear-haunted place getting ‘the creeps’ for no apparent reason.

GOLD is an effect nervine tonic and good for hysteria, gold has cured my relative of candida.

PLANTS THAT SUPPORT THE NERVES: Blue vervain (verbena), horehound, marshmallow, ginger, peach, blue and black cohosh, cinchona, cowslip, lady's slipper and mugwort.

Ayurveda Indian medicine treats people with colors infused in water. The seven colors of the rainbow are related to the bodily tissues. The vibrations in these colors help balance the body. Red is the colour for nerve tissue, giving them energy while relieving aggravated energy. Wrap a water glass with red gelatin paper, place in sun for four hours. Thereafter, you may drink the water.

FOR THOUGHT: Sedentary habits, lack of exercise and fresh air cause nervousness. Waste matter trapped in the system affects the nervous system, especially the brain causing irritability and headaches. Food additives also affect the nervous system and can impair it. Clean out your system with enemas and laxatives to thoroughly diminish nervousness and toxins which weaken the immune system.


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