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Naphcon Eye Drops

Updated on July 19, 2010

Naphcon eye drops are a kind of eye drop specially for those suffering from red scratchy eyes associated with allergies. These drops get their name from the primary ingredient, Naphazoline. The drops work by decreasing mucus in the eyes from allergens, tiny particles, or from irritated contacts. It does this by contracting the blood vessels in your eyes so that they can’t get swollen and red.

Naphcon eye drops contain other ingredients that present further benefits. Glycerin and hypromellose are lubricants that help keep the eyes from drying out again. The addition of zinc sulfate diminishes redness and inflammation even more with its astringent qualities. Eye drops that have changed in color or are cloudy have turned bad and are no longer safe to place in your eyes.

How to Use These Eye Drops

You want to make sure you are using these eye drops correctly in order to obtain the best results and evade side effects. You want use one to two drops in your eyes to decrease symptoms. To use, tilt your head back and gently pull down your lower eye lid. With your other hand, squeeze in the drops. Cautiously close your eyes and tilt your head back for one minute so that the drops seep from your eyes.

Do not apply the eye drops more than 4 times per day and don’t use for longer than 72 hours continuously. Always make sure you put in the drops in a clean setting and always keep the container away from any filth or contaminates. Never douse the dropper tip with water and never touch it to the eye; you want to keep it as sterile as possible.

Eye Drop Side Effects

Stop using at once if your vision becomes cloudy or the colors you see are distorted. Added side effects involve increased sweating, weakness, nausea, headaches and dizziness. Some of the side effects of using naphcon eye drops too much are overly dilated pupils, increased redness, a lowered heartbeat, a drop in body temperature and fatigue.

People who suffer from glaucoma, high blood pressure, heart disease or have problems urinating should not use these eye drops. Even though drug interactions with these eye drops are rare you should talk with your health care provider if you are on prescription treatments before administering these eye drops. You should not take naphcon eye drops if you use particular anti-depressants or MAO inhibitors since these drugs can trigger adverse interactions with the eye drops.

You can read even more regarding naphcon eye drops and additional ways to treat eye irritation.


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