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National Medical Insurance

Updated on August 11, 2009

Letter to Senator Graham of South Carolina

Senator Graham's Logo
Senator Graham's Logo

Official Senate Photo

Senator Lindsey Graham
Senator Lindsey Graham

Dear Senator Graham

I am not a Republican, but you seem to be a reasonable man. I want you to know what kind of Health care plan I favor.

1. Every american should be eligible for a plan containing the same benefits as YOURS does.

2.The plan should be designed and administered separately in each state by the BC/BS or similar non-profit insurance organization in each state.

3.Medicare and Medicaid should be blended in to the over-all plan and not exist independently.

4.The states should contribute to the plan in the same fashion as they do now with Medicaid.

5.The funding should come through the part of SS tax that is now funding Medicare and should be applied to 100% of all regular incomes without limit. The wealthy should not receive a tax benefit at the expense of the Working man and Middle class.

6. Any business that wishes to provide a private plan can be subsidized with the same funding per individual given to the BC/BS or other similar state charted organization. The minimum Plan offered to the employee should be equal to the BC/BS plan. This will allow "for profit companies" to be able to compete on equal footing. It is my intention to publish this letter and any reply that you wish to send me.

I'm in fact asking for a written response.

Thank you for your attention.

William Hodge

Medical Care Providors

Service Provider
Service Provider

Simple no frills Health Care

This plan is simple.  Every part of it already exist.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield already administers Medicaid and Medicare for the Government in most States  My supplement insurance to Medicare and my Prescription Plan is from my South Carolina BC/BS  Private insurance Companies administer much of Medicares Prescription Program already. The tax system to pay for the plan is already in effect.   It only needs to be broaden to cover everyone.  If Private companies can truly do better they will compete effectively. They would receive the same amount of money for their service as does the nonprofit organizations.  And lastly,It is immoral for Congress to deny to the American People what they give themselves at the peoples expense.

I anxiously await a response from my Senator and any Senator who wishes to explain why this can't be done.  I promise to amend and republish this article with their comments.


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