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Native Remedies Sciatigon Reviews

Updated on April 21, 2015


Native Remedies Sciatigon
Native Remedies Sciatigon

Native Remedies Sciatigon Review

The aim of this review is to find out if Sciatgon works and what consumer feedback and reports are.

Sciatigon Review Introduction

Native Remedies Sciatigon is a natural herbal remedy used for relief of pain due to Sciatica and helps reduce inflammation.

Sciatica pain relief is something that is very welcome for people who suffer from it as not only does it causes pain and discomfort, it affects everyday life rendering the sufferer immobile in doing their daily routine.

We are not going to do into specific detail of the causes and description of Sciatica here as I'm sure if you're reading this, you've already been diagnosed and have researched into Sciatica already.

We will be concentrating on finding out what Sciatigon is and if it works!

How does Sciatigon Work?

The theory is that the combination of natural ingredients are selected to support the health and functioning on the Sciatic nerve, spine and nervous system.

The idea is that by using a natural alternative, it can reduce the potential side effects commonly linked to prescription drugs such as anti inflammatories.

Sciatigon Ingredients

Hercules' club (Zanthoxylum clava herculis): Circulatory and nerve tonic

German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita): gentle anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and soothing herb. Relieves lower back pain.

Burdock (Arctium lappa): Has been used for many centuries as a blood purifier and system cleanser. It also has an excellent effect on joint health, including the health of the vertebra and surrounding tissue.

Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens): Active ingredients in Devil's Claw include monoterpine, harpagoside, glycoside, beta-sitosterol, procumbine and stigmasterol. It has been researched for its ability to support back health.

Rhus tox (30C): Used for back pain and stiffness including trauma from lifting heavy loads.

Colocynthis (30C): Used for the relief of sharp pains and cramps.

Does Sciatigon Work?

Our research consisted of investigation from consumer feedback, local support groups and homeopathic journals.

Most of the studies that we looked at do show some kind of correlation of effectiveness of the ingredients. However, we discarded biased results from studies that were not done by independent bodies.

As a whole, the sample size of Sciatigon is not large, therefore we can not establish very definite conclusions. This is the general consensus of what we found:

Sciatigon works for sufferers who tend to get sciatica intermittently and who tend to suffer when compromising the back e.g. lifting heavy weights.

For the chronic sufferer, we found the results to be about 50/50. Some people reported instant results whilst some did not. This may be due to the difference in severity of the condition and other complications of health that may not be accounted for.

Consumer Feedback and Comments

"I purchased SciatiGon and received relief the first day. Within 3 days the symptoms completely subsided with consistent use of the product. Thank you for giving me my life back!"

Myra AL, USA

"Have sciatic nerve pain. Tried this stuff. Took it as directed. No difference. Wasted money."

R Baker, Amazon

"I started looking on the internet …and found your SciatiGon remedy. I ordered it immediately and started taking it the minute it arrived. Within 3 days I was feeling better …Thank you for a life-saving remedy… I have no idea what I would have done if I hadn’t found SciatiGon!"

Bronwyn, USA, Native Remedies

"This is the absolute truth... but after one dose of SciatiGon, just 5 drops in water I felt a difference... I honestly think I've found my solution and I’m sincerely grateful to Native Remedies...."

Chloe NY, USA

How is Sciatigon used?

Taken as drops in a small cup of water.

Safety and Side Effects?

No major side effects have been reported. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women as it has not been tested.

Sciatigon Conclusion


  • Genuine alternative to prescription medicine.
  • Produced by a reputable homeopathic company in FDA approved facilites.
  • Works quickly within the first few days.
  • One year money back guarantee.


  • May not help if back pain is related to arthritis.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women.


Though our sample size was small, we still believed that it had enough positive reports to get a recommend from us.


Prices can change depending on current offers. Please see Official Native Remedies site for latest offers.

P.S Native Remedies tend to provide ongoing multiple purchase discounts such as buy two get one free.


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