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Natural And Home Remedies for Constipation - Best Practices

Updated on October 17, 2010

Getting constipated refers to one basic thing - something goes wrong with the digestive system or process. So all you have to do is to get the system back to proper functioning and that's why you are advised to make some small or serious changes in food and life style as well as to adopt the best suitable remedy (natural or home made remedies most of the time) depending upon the severity of constipation.

Influence of Food and Life Style

Change in diets and life style are the two most important factors that influence almost all complaints related to health. Thus the same theory suits here also. There may be small and big things that go unnoticed in our fast moving life. Monitoring and taking enough care about those things can act as the best solution to constipation.

Unnoticed Factors leading to Constipation

A lot of people fail to notice that various psychological elements can account for constipation. Most common among them are depression, stress, tension, harsh emotional conditions of fear, anger and more. Interestingly, even climatic changes can influence the same. So these are some of the causes that lead to constipation and thus a lot people fail to notice while researching their solutions for constipation or remedial measures, particularly the ones who are keen in searching for the natural or home remedies for constipation.

Natural Home Remedies for Constipation – Best Picked ones only

----> Drink Plenty of Water

Even a kid knows how water plays a vital role in the whole digestion process. Lack of water is the most serious of all causes that leads to constipation and associated complaints. Drink plenty of water and make it a habit. Everybody knows this but a lot of us fail to take care. So you should keep this in mind at least for your health's sake.

----> Take Food Items rich in Fiber

Consuming fiber rich food is considered as the most working and quick remedy for constipation. Fruits and vegetables are always good to include in your diet or to make them the diet itself. But it is often advised to exclude bananas. Instead, you can take food items rich in protein and fiber.

----> Avoid Junk Food (to the maximum possible extend)

It is the law of nature that in order to gain something, you have to lose or sacrifice something. But here, you are not forced to sacrifice any of the fundamental entities but some craps or unwanted and harmful stuffs. Junk food is the best example for this. Junk food is a food and it is meant to be eaten - Agreed. But not in a regular manner since it is one of the common edible products that constitutes to the problem we are seriously in discussion with.

----> Proper or Timely Intake of Food

This thing applies for kids, adults as well as elders equally. If you are good in taking food in a timely manner then you are half done in case of a busy life or the one with tight schedule always.

Further Aspects to be considered

Though constipation is not mostly related to the place you live, the survey statistics show that most of the people living in fast-food world and city life are suffering from constipation adversely. So kindly note down this tip too.

The above listed ones are the best practices that are worth making a habit of. But there are some problems that require something advanced or beyond these tweaks. One such problem is weak abdominal muscles (serious cases). In that case, you are always recommended to follow doctor’s advice regardless of the minor tips or tricks you used to read in magazines.

Dire need to Outrun Constipation

The sooner you consider the complaints and take action, the longer you live in perspective of health. Because these things even though start commonly may lead to long term problems or a cycle of other related health complaints throughout the life. So its all about your life and you are the ones who have to take care of it and that is done by selecting the best natural remedies for constipation in particular to your conditions and severity.


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    • profile image

      kitkat 6 years ago

      Have digestive problems as a side effect due to medication. Any ideas that could induce a BM?

    • profile image

      kitkat 6 years ago

      Have digestive problems as a side effect due to medication. Any ideas that could induce a BM?