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Natural Beauty Aids

Updated on November 11, 2012

Most people prefer to save money and not have to spend it on expensive items. This is true when it comes to cosmetic and toiletries, as well. Here are some of these items that you already have in your home and can use instead of the expensive items in the health and beauty department of your local department store.

Instead of buying the expensive denture cleaners, why not use something you probably already have in your cabinet? Most people have baking soda in their kitchen cupboard. To get your dentures clean and white overnight, brush a thin layer on the teeth with a clean toothbrush. Set them to soak in a cup of water. Mix a teaspoon into the water before you put them in to soak.

Baking soda has another use, as well. It will help real teeth become clean and white. And, it will also freshen your breath. Do not keep a box in your bathroom, however, It will become damp and the box will fall apart. An alternative container is the best answer. You can use an old salt or pepper shaker. It is best if it has a lid that seals. A few grains of rice in the shaker will absorb excess moisture. This will keep it handy to use for brushing your teeth.

Why go to an expensive day spa when you can you can get the same results at home. You can make your own refreshing face mask with a banana and a bit of honey. Put the banana in a blender with one tablespoon of honey. Once it has become a paste, smooth the mixture onto your face. Let it sit for at least fifteen minutes and then rinse it off. The honey will soften your skin. And, the banana will help firm it up.

Witch hazel is very cheap and can be found just about anywhere. It is mostly used as an antiseptic. But, it also makes a wonderful skin toner. After you wash your face, apply some witch hazel. It has a lovely, clean scent, as well. During the hot summer months, keep a bottle in the refrigerator. It is very refreshing on a hot, humid day.

If you have eye makeup that is older than six months, be sure to get rid of it. It can be home to many bacteria. But, when you get rid of old or empty mascara wands, be sure to keep them around. They can be washed and used later for neatening and brushing your eyebrows. They are much cheaper than buying brushes especially for this purpose.

Instead of makeup remover that is hard on your skin, why not try a bit of milk? Place three tablespoons of powdered milk in a jar with one third of a cup of warm water in a container that has a lid. Shake this well until well mixed. It should be the consistency of heavy cream. You may have to adjust the amount of powdered milk or water to get it right. Wipe the milk on with a cloth and then rinse it off with warm water.

Saving money is appealing to most people. And using natural products is always preferable to using harsh chemicals. Hopefully this information will help you save money and keep your skin looking great in the process.


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  • Myfanwy profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Tennessee, USA

    Cool. Will have to try that. :) Thanks for the read. :)

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    LIke the honey and banana facemask. Will def give that one a try. I have been using raw egg on my face and hair with good results also. :)


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