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Gosha Jinki Gan For Urinary Incontinence And Overactive Bladder

Updated on November 3, 2015


Urinary Incontinence (UI) and Overactive Bladder (OAB) affect literally millions of men and women around the world. While surgical procedures are available to help remedy the problem, many who suffer from bladder conditions would prefer to try natural solutions instead.

Many types of nutritional and herbal remedies are available, and one of the most popular ones is Gosha Jinki Gan.

What Is Gosha Jinki Gan?

Gosha Jinki Gan (GJG) is a blend of 10 medicinal herbs – sometimes combined with lactose – that has been used in traditional Japanese herbal medicine for thousands of years. Today it is prescribed by natural medicine practitioners to provide relief for a variety of conditions, including overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, diabetes, bone loss, male infertility, and lower back pain.

Cases of mild diarrhea and nausea seem to be the primary side effects reported. These problems are most likely the result of lactose intolerance, digestive difficulties or allergic reactions to one or more of the plant ingredients used. Compounds in GJG have been seen to react adversely to melatonin, dioxins, paclitaxel and oxaliplatin. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Be sure to check with your physician if you have any questions or concerns about chemical interactions or other side effects.

In a 2008 study by M. Kajiwara and K. Mutaguchi in Hinyokika Kiyo, improved bladder control was reported after a single dosage of GJG was administered to 44 women with overactive bladder. A 2007 study involving 30 women with urinary incontinence -- reported by T. Ogushi and S. Takahashi -- showed similar results over a longer period of time.


Can You Buy Gosha Jinki Gan On Amazon?

As far as I can


I've seen many people asking that question, so I tried to find out for myself. I've searched and searched for where to buy Gosha Jinki Gan online, but I just can't find it anywhere.

If you search online for the phrase, "gosha jinki gan amazon" or if you just go to Amazon and search for it, you will find several incontinence supplements to help with bladder control (I've listed several below), but it doesn't look like you can actually buy GJG on the site.

If that changes, I will definitely update this article and link to that product for those readers who are interested in purchasing it. If you've found a reputable GJG product online, please comment below with a link and I'll go check it out.

The 10 Plant Compounds Used In Gosha Jinki Gan

  • Rehmannia Root
  • Poria Sclerotium
  • Plantago Seed
  • Moutan Bark
  • Dioscorea Rhizome
  • Cornus Fruit
  • Cinammon bark
  • Alisma Rhizome
  • Aconite Tuber
  • Achyranthes Root

Update Re: Purchasing Online

So far, searches for GJG on Amazon have only turned up related products like pumpkin seed extract and similar items -- but no GJG.

However, a reader did comment about finding GJG tablets from a company called Rakuten Ichiba. Apparently Rakuten is Japan's version of Amazon, and they're getting pretty huge.

The software used to translate Rakuten's pages into English leaves a lot to be desired. In other words, I can barely understand it =) We're talking very, VERY broken English. But that's more of a tech issue than a product quality one (I presume). Anyway, at least it's an option for those who prefer to shop online.

The UK reader who referred me to this site (Alan, below in the comments), also mentioned a customs charge, so be prepared for that additional fee.


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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    • profile image

      Nate Summers 4 years ago

      Hahaha! That pic of Niagra Falls is perfect =)

      I've seen pills and stuff for incontinence, but I'm skeptical. I would think that exercises to strengthen the muscles that control bladder function -- abdominal, pelvic wall, etc -- would be more effective. But apparently some people say that these herbal medicines can help.

    • TheHubFactory profile image

      TheHubFactory 4 years ago from USA

      You know what they say, "Individual results may vary."

      This remedy has been around for centuries...millenia, actually. I searched around for reviews and "gosha jinki gan scam" articles, but apparently this one seems pretty legit. There's like zero articles out there screaming fraud, so to me that's really saying something.

      Hopefully, people who are suffering from frequent urges and leaks will find it useful. Anything that can be done to avoid surgery is worth checking out.

      Thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      ALAN EDWARDS 4 years ago

      i have recently bought gosha-jinki-gan from a company in japan called rakuten ichiba.a bottle of 360 tablets for £42.84 including shipping to the UK plus a customs charge of £21.45

    • TheHubFactory profile image

      TheHubFactory 4 years ago from USA

      Thanks Alan, Have you noticed any difference since using those tablets, or is it too soon to tell? I sure hope they work well for you.

      Thanks again for the info. I'll definitely look into that.

    • profile image

      alan edwards 4 years ago

      thanks for your reply,i have,nt started on the tablets yet,as i am taking another product at the moment,called bladder conrol from a company in the channel islands called life.not doing me much i will try the gosha-jinki-gan soon.

    • TheHubFactory profile image

      TheHubFactory 4 years ago from USA

      Well, I hope those GJG tablets work well for you. =)

    • profile image

      Ed 4 years ago

      Check this website for this herb:

      Phone# posted is: 877-636-2677 - I have not ordered it or tried it, so I can't comment on that: But I intend to do so....


    • TheHubFactory profile image

      TheHubFactory 4 years ago from USA

      Thanks for the tip, Ed.

    • profile image

      EZ 4 years ago

      Any luck with the GJG Alan?

      Or the Wakan-sen Ed?

    • profile image

      alan edwards 3 years ago

      I am three quarters through the bottle of 360 of gosha jinki-gan and have had no improvement of my bladder problem,so don,t think i will buying any more.t...

    • TheHubFactory profile image

      TheHubFactory 3 years ago from USA

      Alan, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you're able to find treatment options that work for you. Don't give up, buddy =)

    • profile image

      Taro Yamanami 2 years ago

      I bought gosha-jinki-gan from an online Japanese pharmacy store last week.

      42 sachets for $29.49 so not too bad I guess. They charge $16.80 for shipping to US though...

    • profile image

      Rita 2 years ago

      Taro I have the same sachets from the same pharmacy but am unable to get directions for dosage and method of preparing for use from them. What have you found regarding that?

    • profile image

      OG 2 years ago

      Hi there, have any of you using the Gosha-jinki gan found any improvements so far?

    • profile image

      Stephan 2 years ago

      I also just got the same packets from the Mimaki Family Pharmacy. The shipping was fast and the instructions are all in Japanese. So I've decided: dissolve contents of one packet in hot water and drink. Twice a day seems about right to me. (My intuitive guestimated dosage...) I am taking this in the hopes that it will reverse my peripheral and autonomic neuropathy. Right after I drank the first cup, I could feel a slight "activation" of the nerve in my feet similar to after taking Metanx, so it seems to be doing something. I will try to get a translation of the directions at some point and will post any future results...

      Oh , and I really dig the flavor. It somewhat reminds me of the powdered ginseng packets I used to drink a long time ago. I'm also hoping that it will help in restoring the bladder activation nerves, since its difficult for me to pee right now which is the opposite of what this is supposed to help with. But apparently in one study, this stuff has improved nerve conduction velocities.

    • profile image

      Stephan 2 years ago

      Did a little more searching and found a link to a pdf in English that is the translation to the Japanese instructions with the packets I received from the Mimaki Family Pharmacy. There is a Standard Classification Number that in addition to several other elements make this definitely the correct translation:

      Then here is another link about Kampo and specifically Goshajinkigan. It lists the individual herbs that make up the formulation and says that: Individual dosages of herbs may be adjusted depending on each patient’s condition, constitutional patterns, quality of the herbs, and other factors involved. Of course that is if you were to buy each herb separately and mix your own batch – which I personally would leave to a certified Kampo practitioner or Chinese Herbalist. There are references to more than 20 clinical studies on Goshajinkigan and its effects on various ailments:

    • profile image

      steve 2 years ago

      I wonder if the herbal supplement called Better Man is similar? You can buy it direct or from which is where I'm going to buy it to try out

    • profile image

      david 2 years ago

      Has anybody found anything that really works

    • profile image

      15 months ago

      I have urinary frequency (related to bladder issues not prostrate) and I tried Niu Che Shen Qui Wan (GJG) from GJG is the Chinese name and Niu Che Shen Qui Wan is Japanese I think. It's not 100% effective but I've noticed a 20% decline in urgency and nocturia episodes. More effective than anything else I've tried thus far. I tried an alternative version called Jin Gui Shen Qui Wan and it's led to about a 30% improvement over two weeks. Haven't noticed side effects but not done blood or liver tests either.

    • profile image

      Peestomuch 13 months ago

      Here is a site that claims this is it:

      Not a lot of information there though

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