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Natural Home Remedy for Burns

Updated on June 3, 2012

myrrh: ancient gift to kings


Nature's burn remedy: aloe gel with myrrh

Most of us who have been around, but a short time know how good aloe works on a minor burn! Did you know that adding myrrh, the ancient gift brought by the wisemen as a gift to Jesus, would make this burn remedy much more effective?

Please allow me a short story to explain the rest of this burn recipe. The weather had just started to get chilly in North Florida, yeah it occassionally gets cold here for short spells. While checking out the furnace, I went to light the pilot light, not realizing it had been leaking. Needless to say it blew up in my face, causing 3rd. degree burns covering my left arm and the whole left side of my face. My wife was a LPN and knew that I needed medical treatment, so she rushed me to an outpatient clinic. After examining me, the doctor bandaged the wounds with silvadene creme and prescribed Tylenol 3s. Anyone who has had severe burns understands how the pain seems to grow with time. After several hours of enduring the pain without much relief, I had my wife drive me to see an acupuncturist, Barbara Mitchell.

One look at me, she rushed me into a vacant room where she administered acupuncture needles. That in itself was amazing, how within 30 minutes all pain disappeared being blocked by the needle treatment. She sent me home advising me to get a pint of aloe and mix a tablespoon of dry, powdered myrrh into it, then keep the burnt areas covered 3-4 times a day. Of course, we were shocked with all the burn blisters when we uncovered the wounds to treat with the mixture. The next morning most of the blisters were down, only the worst ones remained, but the pain was tolerable as myrrh has anestetic and astrigent properties.

In just two weeks you could barely tell that I'd been burned at all. It is amazing the remedies that God put in nature, most put our man-made concoctions to shame.

Myrrh is mentioned in the Bible several times, first as a gift to the infant Messiah, also as being in the sour wine offered to Jesus as he was dying on the cross. At this time in the MiddleEast, it was mixed into wine to enhance its painkilling affects. While offered to Jesus dying on the cross, in response to his being thirsty, when he tasted it he refused it , since he was there to suffer. Myrrh was also used in the biblical Balm of Gilead.

Myrrh mostly comes from thorny trees known as Commiphora myrrha and Commiphora gileandensis that grow in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Arabian Pennisula, Yemen, Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. The aromatic resin is harvested by bleeding the trees similar to how other saps and maple syrup are gathered.

This aromatic resin has many uses, from being used with frankinsense for incense, to healing salves, for infections and to relieve pain. In biblical times myrrh was equivilant in price to an equal weight in gold.

Look at this hub for a several earache remedies that are sure to be in your home, many are tried by folks for years:

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Have you ever used natural remedies such as aloe, myrrh,peppermint?

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    • slcockerham profile image

      slcockerham 5 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Thank you Neil Rose for the read and comments! It's a burn remedy I'll swear to and have recommended time and again, always with good results.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

      Now that is a very helpful hub! I think we all burn ourselves at times, obviously not as badly as you did, but this seemed to help you and it doesn't really surprise me as natural medicines seem to be the best thing to use. Doctors these days use a mixture of natural and chemical stuff and its not half as potent, great info and thanks!