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Relief for Constipation

Updated on April 2, 2011

Constipation is a diseases of intestines in which the bowel movement is not frequent or bowel get evacuated partially. A diseases which is very common but people often ignore it and rather than treating it permanently they just do self-medications which makes it more worse. In the long run constipation can cause severe health problems and chronic constipation can lead to major diseases like cancer. I saw patients who suffered from constipation through out their life but never imagined how it can become a reason for ruining their life and it did become.

To understand the reasons and remedies of constipation one should know about the gastrointestinal tract. When food is digested in stomach it goes to intestine where nutrients get absorbed in blood circulation and the rest of the fiber and waste material is excreted from large intestine. Large intestine has three parts cecum, colon and rectum. When food reaches colon, colon absorbs water from the food and prepares waste to excrete from rectum.

Fruits and vegetables contain lots of water content apart from other nutrients.
Fruits and vegetables contain lots of water content apart from other nutrients.
The fiber content of oranges we often discard but it is very good for health
The fiber content of oranges we often discard but it is very good for health
Ripe oranges are good source of water and fiber
Ripe oranges are good source of water and fiber

Common Reasons of Constipation:

Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal problem faced by millions and trillions of people worldwide and it is also a problem that is mostly occurred because of our own lifestyle. Common causes of constipation are as follows:

Lack of Fiber in Diet:

Fiber is one of the most important component of our diet. Though fiber does not get absorb in the blood circulation or it has no role in the building process or energy of our body but its main role is to excrete waste material. Some fibers are insoluble and other are soluble ion water. Soluble fiber mixes with water and acts like a lubricant. It makes it easy for the stool to excrete. Soluble fiber has a texture like jelly. Insoluble fiber get excreted without getting mixed with water. A diet which is low in fiber can become the biggest reason for constipation.

Research shows that on average our diet has become very low in fiber and that is why constipation has become very common. The reasons behind low fiber diet is use of too much processed food as well as junk food and refined food. During processing the fiber content of the food is removed from the food as a result the food is refined and low in fiber.

For a complete list of food that can cause constipation read Junk food and their Negative Effects

Lack of Water in Diet:

The benefits of water for our body are million and one cannot discuss them all but it is a known fact that water enhances regular bowel movement. When waste material is excreted from the body in the form of stool it needs water to become diluted, lubricated and to move easily from the rectum. If water is not present in adequate amount the waste will either not move out or excrete partially.

Water can be obtained from other liquids like milk and juices too. But when nutritionists say that drink at least 8-12 glasses of water, it includes only pure water not juices and milk as juices and milk contains many solids apart from their water content. The water requirements of each body depends on the daily routine and kind of tasks in which you are involved.

Some food dehydrate body like caffeine and that is why it is said that green tea should be consumed in moderation because it contains caffeine. Although the caffeine content of green tea is quite low as compared to other type of tea. Other food that can dehydrate body includes junk food and processed food. If you consume too much processed food -which you should not- than drink more water than usual requirement.

For complete list of food that can cause dehydration and as a result constipation read Processed Food

Avoiding Bowel Urge:

At times we avoid the urge of our intestine to empty bowel because we are busy or we are on a journey or due to some other reason. Avoiding the natural urge can cause constipation but this sort of constipation is for a short time. If you develop a habit of avoiding bowel than constipation can become permanent. It is commonly seen that when we are out of home we do not want to go toilet and wait for going back to home this causes constipation.


Medicines too can become a reason for constipation. Whenever you get some medication from your doctor for any diseases ask him about its side effects. Otherwise the possible side effects of medicines are written on the leaflet present in each medicine pack. Its better to know about the medicine before using it. People who are already going through constipation should try to use medicines specially with caution.

Lack of Exercise and Physical Work:

People who use to sit more during daytime are often heard saying that they have problem of constipation. Exercise and physical work help digestion, absorption and excretion of waste from our body. Healthy exercise during morning and evening ensure frequent bowel movement. Constipation becomes permanent for people who sit while they work. Try to have more movement while you are working.

Intestinal Obstructions:

Some diseases causes intestinal obstruction or blockage like in intestinal carcinoma. Obstructions hinder normal waste excretion and during these diseases constipation becomes so permanent that patient has to do enema every 1-2 days in order to get rid of the urge of excretion. In most of the cases intestinal carcinoma itself results from chronic constipation.

Instant Constipation Relief:

The above mentioned things like use of fiber rich diet and use of fluids will show their results after some time but if you want to get instant relief from constipation you should try one of these:

Ispaghula Husk:

It is available in sachets and it use to give relief from constipation soon. I t is a laxative fiber which becomes like gel when mixed with fluids and provides ease in bowel movement. Ispaghula husk has been in use as a laxative from quite long time in history but in recent years it has been reported that ispaghula husk can cause severe contraindications, e-g; intestinal obstruction and lack of movement in colon.

The proper method of consuming husk is to pour 1-1 1/2 teaspoons of husk in 1/2 glass of lukewarm water or any other fluid (preferably water) and stir it. Keep it for 1-2 hours so that it can swell well in water and make a gel. After that add more water or any other fluid, mix it very well and drink it. Drink more water after it to ensure that there is enough liquid that can swallow it easily. Gulping dry husk with water can cause intestinal obstruction which can lead to cancer of intestines.

Warm Milk:

Milk is a very good laxative and if drank warm it can give instant relief from constipation. If honey is added to lukewarm milk the benefits will increase and relief will be obtained soon. Otherwise you can squeeze a mango in lukewarm milk, stir it lightly (don't stir it too much that it converts into shake) and drink it. This is also very relieving in case of chronic constipation. If milk is not available warm water can also give relief from constipation. Castor oil and milk can also be very helpful in getting relief. If you are suffering from chronic constipation than drink two teaspoons of Castor oil in one cup of milk daily and you will fell that you bowel movement is better than it was previously. 


A little exercise may make much difference. If other remedies do not give relief than do a little walk or any other light exercise and you may feel that your bowel movement is better now.


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      6 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks Thelistlady for stopping by here, not because it is my Hub but because this Hub can help you a lot in improving your lifestyle.

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      6 years ago from New York City

      Great hub and great suggestions. For the first time in my life I am being affected. Best to deal with it before it becomes a serious problem.

      Thanks a million and rated up!


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