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Cure Psoriasis Naturally

Updated on February 28, 2013
My Home Made Super Lotion
My Home Made Super Lotion | Source
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera | Source
Guanabana (soursop)
Guanabana (soursop) | Source
Mangosteen | Source
Drying the mangosteen rind in the sun
Drying the mangosteen rind in the sun | Source
Second day in the sun for the mangosteen
Second day in the sun for the mangosteen | Source
Second day of drying for the guanabana
Second day of drying for the guanabana | Source
Coffee grinder used to grind the mangosteen and the guanabana
Coffee grinder used to grind the mangosteen and the guanabana | Source
Mangosteen powder
Mangosteen powder | Source

My new super cream is a cream that I manufactured for my personal use. I live in Cali Colombia, and since I arrived here I have been amazed at the amount of “curas casero,” home cures in english, that there are for whatever ailment that one has. I first attributed the proliferation of these home remedies to the fact that the people of Colombia were poor and that they came from superstitious roots. After having been here for a few years, I have tried some of them.

One cure that I tried was drinking “sabilla water,” juice of the aloe vera. I noticed some remarkable benefits within the first two weeks of doing so. This caused me to start investigating some of the fruits that are grown in Colombia. The first fruit that I studied extensively, was the Guanabana, that supposedly cured cancer. What I found when searching for information, was that there are mountains of studies and tests that do confirm the claims made about this incredible fruit that is grown in the Amazon Rain Forest.

At about the same time I had been researching the Aloe Vera, only to learn what people had known for centuries. I had known of the ability of the aloe vera to help heal burns and skin problems. The drinking of the aloe vera gel or juice was totally new information for me. I was amazed at the list of health benefits. I, myself say my blood pressure drop as my weight was actually rising. I have been on blood pressure medication since I had a heart transplant. I found that I had to discontinue my medication or my blood pressure would be too low.

The last fruit that I studied, the Mangosteen, referred to as the queen of fruits, and the fruit with more health benefits than any other fruit in the world. The difference in the mangosteen is that the majority of the medicinal properties are derived from the rind of the fruit.

I had manufactured lotions to sell in Colombia when I first arrived in a little store that I had in Cali, so I had accumulated some knowledge about lotions. I also have a degree in packaging engineering. I used the base lotion that I first produced, without any additives like scents, to combine with my newly found super fruit extracts. I used the gel from the fresh aloe vera purchased in a nearby market. I purchased guanabanas at my local grocery store, and I found mangosteens in a fruit market in downtown Cali.

First I de-skinned the aloe vera leaving only the fibers inside that contains all of the gel. I cut a piece about an inch and a half long and placed it in a jar with a little bit of water. I used a fork to squash the aloe vera until it was liquified into a heavy gel.

Secondly I took the skin from the outside of a ripe guanabana and cut it into pieces. I placed the bits of skin to dry in the sun for about 8 hours in total. I did this over two days. The first day was about 6 hours in the sun. On the second day I cut the skin up much finer and dried it again in he sun for another 2 hours.

Thirdly, I cut up the rind of the mangosteen into thin slices. I followed the same drying technique for two days in the same manner that I did for the guanabana. The pericarp (mangosteen rind) was much more difficult to work with, because it dried to a very dense woody crust. It was difficult to cut up.

Now that I had the dried herbs, it was time to grind them to a fine powder. My choice for grinding was a hand operated coffee grinder. The grinding process was easy for the skin of the guanabana, but very difficult for the grinding of the pericarp. I ground both of these herbs twice until I achieved a very fine powder.

With all of my ingredients ready, it was time to put everything together. I started with 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel in a jar. To it I added the contents of four 400 unit Vitamin E gel capsules. The vitamin e is a very common preservative used in making lotions. The vitamin acts to preserve the lotion and it is great for a persons skin. The aloe vera also is an excellent food preservative. Next I placed a teaspoon of dried guanabana powder and a teaspoon of dried mangosteen pericarp into the mixture. Then I stirred it thoroughly. After adding all of the active ingredients, I added in the lotion.

I mixed this very thoroughly and placed it in the refrigerator. I stirred it well a couple of times for the next day.

After all of this work I ended up with the lotion that I wanted. Now was the time to try the lotion. I have had a rash of some sort on top of my head where I am balding. I have treated it with creams of all sorts for about 3 years. Nothing has ever helped to cure this rash. I started to apply my new lotion on my head twice a day. After a few days I have noticed a big difference. It has almost disappeared. I will continue the use of my super lotion until the rash is totally gone. I have a friend who has the worst case of psoriasis that I have ever seen. He has not had any success with other treatments. He has been using this lotion for a while and has been having some amazing results. I will continue to update this article with more results as time goes by.

The aloe vera is excellent to heal burns and minor skin cuts. The guanabana prevents cancer and is 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy. The mangosteen has been used to treat and cure eczema and psoriasis by the native indians of the amazon for centuries. The mangosteen has been successful in curing acne also.

All of the ingredients can be purchased easily. One does not have to go through the difficult process that I did to make this lotion. Guanabana leaves can be used to replace the guanabana skin. These leaves can be purchased online. The leaves will be easy to pulverize. The aloe vera is available on line in a gel form ready to go. The mangosteen powder will certainly have to be purchased on line. Lastly Vitamin E can be found online to purchase. Basically you just need to combine the ingredients. There is nothing to dry, and only the leaves to be pulverized. When I made my first batch of this lotion I did so crudely without all of this fine grinding. The lotion did not look homgenous, and it was a bit grity, but it worked. It is pretty hard to screw up. Remember to use a high quality lotion without scents. See the ingredients picture below.

This lotion that I have created is completely organic. Even the base lotion is 100% organic.

When shopping for Guanabana, remember that Soursop is the english name for the fruit.

Here is a picture of all of the ingredients necessary to make this cream.

Aloe vera, lotion, mangosteen powder, ground guanabana leaves or skin, and Vitamin E
Aloe vera, lotion, mangosteen powder, ground guanabana leaves or skin, and Vitamin E | Source


8 to 10 oz lotion
2 tbl Aloe Vera gel
1 tsp Mangosteen powder
1 tsp ground Guanabana leaves or skin
4 400 unit gel capsules of Vitamin E (cut and squeeze out Vitamin E)

Mix well


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