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Natural Detoxing Methods

Updated on July 15, 2015

Detox Methods

As the health and fitness trend of the moment, body detox programs and methods come in all forms and sizes. Some detox methods only require a commitment of 2-3 days, while others last for a longer period of time.

Regardless of the detox program that you eventually choose, health experts always remind individuals of making healthy lifestyle choices even after a detox program has concluded, keeping in mind that removing harmful toxins and chemicals from the body is an ongoing process naturally performed by the body's organs.

It is always best to check with your physician first regarding the most appropriate natural detox program or regimen for you to undergo. This is especially of importance if you have any medical condition, or you are currently pregnant, undergoing chemotherapy, recently had surgery, or other circumstances.

Juice Cleanse: All Juice, All The Time

Juicing is by far one of the most popular detox drinks for cleansing the body naturally.

A juice cleanse restricts your intake to juiced fruits and vegetables of various combinations. This cleanse normally lasts between 3-7 days, although there are juice cleanses that last longer.

Juice cleanses can be followed DIY-style if you have a juicer at home; juicing recipes and resources abound on the Web as well as other retail stores. Several companies also have a full range of juice cleanse products for home delivery.

The pros:

  • You will be able to consume a high dose of nutrients from fruits and vegetables, something which is lacking in much of today's modern diets.

  • The body will have a chance to flush out toxins from the system because everything being taken in is in liquid form, requiring less digestion.

The cons:

  • Not everyone can make the switch to a juice-only diet right away (there are juice cleanse programs that allow for a healthy meal at night).

  • You do need to be careful of juice cleanses that are too low in calories or protein.

Juicing is my personal favorite kind of detoxing, mainly cause there are some really tasty recipes you can try. If you're interested in juicing, definitely check out Live Peachy, they have a lot of great tips to help you get started, like learning which juicer to buy! Who knew there was so much to juicing fruit?

Sea Salt Flush: Detox At Home, Definitely

The Sea Salt Flush is pretty simple: two teaspoons of sea salt will be dissolved in a quart (950 mL) of water and consumed in the morning. This promotes detoxification of waste material stored in the body through constant elimination.

The pros:

  • This detox method is very affordable and easy to prepare.

  • No lengthy programs or diets need to be adhered to.

The cons:

  • This is not advisable on a busy day as you will need to use the bathroom constantly for a few hours.

Heat Room or Sauna Detox: Sweat The Toxins Out

The skin is one of the body's natural detox organs, and sweating is a natural detox process. Saunas and heat rooms, usually found in health clubs, spas, or gyms, or even installed at home, are popularly used for detox as well. Vigorous sweating is induced as a way to flush out the body's toxins.

The pros:

  • A session at the sauna or heat room can be very relaxing and stress-relieving.

  • This method also improves blood circulation and flow to different parts of the body.

The cons:

  • The sauna or heat room method does not really flush out enough of the toxins to cause considerable benefits, compared to relatively more direct methods such as diets and juice cleanses.

  • Sauna sessions should be limited to only 15-20 minutes, and people with uncontrolled blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, and heart conditions are advised against this process.

Lymphatic Massage: Detox By Touch

The body's lymphatic and circulatory systems function as toxin and chemical elimination centers. Too much contaminants, chemical elements, and harmful toxins, however, can slow down or block much of these processes.

The slower circulation also slows down the detoxification. A lymphatic massage can promote circulation and restore optimum detox processes once again.

The pros:

  • A massage not only helps the lymphatic and circulatory systems for detox purposes, but also improves blood circulation and relieves muscle and joint aches and back pains.

  • Of course, a massage always feels great, and is an excellent way to rejuvenate your physical condition and release stress.

The cons:

  • Specifically as a detox method, you need to make sure that the massage therapist is licensed in manual lymphatic drainage therapy (LDT).

  • Patients currently going through chemotherapy or radiation are advised against lymphatic massage.

How to Detox Your Diet


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    • The Jet profile image

      The Jet 3 years ago from The Bay

      Having a juicer is so vital in detoxing. Cool hub!

    • profile image

      MYWIKISTEP 4 years ago

      Hi lauralolita,

      I read your suggestions and find them interesting and useful.

      Finally we really need to keep our body "clean" and healthy.

      I am following...

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Very nice and interesting hub!

      Detoxing is really very important for our body. All the methods you have suggested are wonderful and convenient to follow. One can choose that, which suits the person best. Following a healthy lifestyle is essential to detox, eating sensibly and doing regular walks and exercises.

      Thanks for sharing this useful hub!