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The Natural Benefits of Bathing

Updated on July 2, 2013

Healing Through Bathing: is it Possible?

Bathing is one of the earliest forms of personal hygiene. Many people thought of this as a very simple daily routine that does not have anything to do with human physiological well-being. Although, some people have come across other reasons why man has to take a bath, they simply let it pass and ignore its significance to modern medical science.


Bathing has a very rich history in the world civilization. Aside from personal hygiene, people in the past recognized other bathing purposes such as recreation, relaxation and socialization. It is in this purpose that public baths were created in ancient Greece. It started very well, and it even led to the creation of more wash basins and wash tubs within public edifices called gymnasium.

A Gymnasium in the modern times refer to a place where people can recreate together, have some unified sports and etc. It is also a place where people can go for daily workouts, mainly for healthy physique. Amazingly, every concept of a gymnasium started from the art of bathing, and at some point, gymnasium become the first venue of public bathing; a proof that bathing is a significant part of our physical well-being. As a matter of fact, gymnasium got its name from one bathing aspect, the nakedness of the people bathing together as a form of relaxation. its derivation which was the word Gymnus (Greek), simply means naked.

Unfortunately, in the Middle Ages, the extreme socialization in public baths led to prostitution, which eventually became the reason of public bath's closure. However unfortunate was that moment, we need to consider not its failure, but on its implication to us at present.

In my first article about natural healing, I made mention about releasing the bad energy; so public bath as a form of relaxation, recreation, and socialization is one of the earliest form of therapeutic bathing.


Another significant aspect of ancient bathing includes the effect of ritual practices done over public or private bath as part of spiritual healing. In fact, Christianity's classic form of Baptism was done by immersion in a river water. Still performed until these days by some sectors, baptism is one form of cleansing bathing. Jesus Christ, the formidable person in Christian history, had taken a bath in River Jordan to show an example of sin cleansing to His followers.

The Pool of Bethesda in the Fortress of Antonia, known to be somewhere in Jerusalem had been known to have angels, moving and stirring the pool water at certain times to heal the sick who persistently lined up daily for the miracle water. These days, the biblical description of the place and the existence of a rectangular pool in the area was confirmed by archaeologists.

In countless times, both biblical and mythical stories, mention the existence of sacred river and streams as form of divine cleanser. Some of these sacred rivers existed until these days and are still recognized by other world cultures.

Meditation bathing usually done alone
Meditation bathing usually done alone


In today's world, there exist sacred water shrines, where bathing becomes a sacred ritual. The River Jordan is one, the Holy Shrine of Lourdes in France is second, and many, many more. We may be sarcastic to view this at a certain point, but true accounts of those who had been healed has given us proofs that water can be a transformer of faith to heal the body naturally, no doubt.

The waters in San Pellegrino, Italy started the concept of spa and sauna healing, while the saline water in the Dead Sea was acknowledged therapeutic today. In fact, the Dead Sea being biblical, has become a center of health and wellness from ancient to modern times, healing almost any kinds of bone and joint diseases. Rheumatologic conditions,skin ailments, allergies, and skin aging, as mentioned in Wikipedia are the most common types of diseases that are curable upon soaking in water, with an added Dead Sea Salt.


The symbolism of water as healing and cleansing element of Earth has become a world tradition. For a time, this tradition in bathing had been neglected as part of an old world culture that modern people choose to ignore. Fortunately, medical science is now reviving the use of daily bathing as part of people's health regimen, but apparently, people still lack the necessary information on how bathing benefits the body, and to maximize this natural resources as one ultimate contributor to nature's healing processes.

So here is a list of Modern-day water healing appropriate for our time.

  • Social Bathing - Not everyone recognizes the effects of pool bonding and beach swimming with friends to physical healing. The freshness of the sea breeze, plus the positive effects of true friendship is revitalizing, yet free.
  • Bathing with herbal leaves - common in children as young as 4 years old. Some regions across the Earth reaped the benefit of these herbs as refresher and healer of skin diseases, as well as respiratory diseases. It promotes good blood circulation and healthy mental well-being.
  • Bathing with modern commercial products - skin exfoliants and other skin regimen that cleanses microorganisms thoroughly are important for the skin to perform well in its function as a natural germ barrier.
  • Bathing with Commercial Dead sea salt and mineral - it has the same effect when going to the dead sea, this mineral popularly bottled from the Dead Sea Wellness Production are best for the same condition mentioned above.
  • Early morning beach bathing and submersion in hot springs - the fresh morning air at the sea shore creates a different effect, at the same time the warmth of the water can improve blood circulation, conducts detoxification, strengthen the immune system, as the nutrients are properly carried through the right organs.
  • Contrast Shower - not everyone knows about the benefit of alternating hot water and cold water in making wonders to your entire immune system. The process promotes metabolism that excretes body waste out from the system. It also evenly distributes oxygen to all major organs, rejuvenating every cell membrane, those that were damaged by diseases and stress.

≡Here is how to properly execute water contrast Showers.

≈ Hot to warm water for three minutes, followed by a cold shower for one minute.

≈ Two repetitions will be enough, always finishing with cold water.

≈ 3 minutes hot/warm - 1 min cold .....3 minutes hot/warm - 1 minute cold....Finish.

Note: Make sure to do the other bathing rituals like shampooing. cleansing, and hair conditioning before ending the daily bath with contrast shower.

Recreational Swimming with Friends - a form of modern socialization
Recreational Swimming with Friends - a form of modern socialization


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    • go-barbara-go profile image

      go-barbara-go 4 years ago

      Hi Angel115707,

      Thank you for visiting.

      Yes, that is the reason I prefer rural life than city life. That feeling of breathing in fresh air and bathing with clean water is just too impossible in the city.

      Please Visit more.

    • angel115707 profile image

      Angel Ward 4 years ago from Galveston, TX

      I love this hub! I really think if more people today took time for bathing they could de-stress and heal from many ailments. Bathing in sea salts, epsom salts and teas made with herbs and also oils, all of which heal and detox, not to mention the circulation etc.... wow, these 5 minute showers breathing in chemicals of city water like chloride and fluoride are killing us... LOL

    • go-barbara-go profile image

      go-barbara-go 4 years ago

      Hi Anne,

      It's nice to meet you. Thank you for the nice words.

      I especially like your hub about migraine. I have migraines since High School.

      I voted it up. Thanks for visiting. Drop by again.

    • Healthyannie profile image

      Healthyannie 4 years ago from Spain

      Great hub - bathing truly is a form of healing and I planning a bathing hub. All civilized cultures have recognized bathing as a therapy, and

      I swim in the sea as much as I can. Annie

    • go-barbara-go profile image

      go-barbara-go 4 years ago


      A famous landmark in the Philippines called Camiguin has a famous hot spot, the Ardent Hot Springs. Even a midnight swim at Ardent offers an entirely revitalizing experience. So I agree with you that it is one of the best ways to get that inner peace that can heal the soul.

      Thank you for your visit.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      Barbara, I think I would truly enjoy a hot springs bath, that just sounds so wonderful right now. When swimming in the pool, I feel so relaxed and the world just seems to fizzle out as I float. I can see how a bath would be a step further in providing peace.

    • go-barbara-go profile image

      go-barbara-go 4 years ago

      Hi Kashmir,

      Its nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my hubs and thanks for the nice words. Please visit more.

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 4 years ago from Massachusetts

      Great and informative hub and found this hub's information very useful and interesting !

    • go-barbara-go profile image

      go-barbara-go 4 years ago

      Hi lovedoctor926,

      I hope your mom will consider that too. I have tried a dead sea salt as hands exfoliant a year ago. It was very expensive but was worth every penny. So no doubt your mom will benefit from it. By the way, does your mom live near the beach? soaking joints in the wet sand early morning except winter makes miracles.

    • profile image

      lovedoctor926 4 years ago

      This hub is awesome! You made very good points. Bathing is indeed very therapeutic and a good way to get rid of all the negative energy. I am going to try the hot shower followed by cold water, then hot and cold. I only do this in the sauna, but will do this at home. It's good to know about the properties of the Dead Sea Salt. I wish that my mother was more flexible with regards to health options for her joint disease. Thank you for sharing.

    • go-barbara-go profile image

      go-barbara-go 4 years ago

      Thank you for your nice words. Please visit my hub again.

    • go-barbara-go profile image

      go-barbara-go 4 years ago

      Hi midget38,

      Im glad you like it. Thanks for the time in reading this hub. I really appreciate your visit.

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 4 years ago

      This was an excellent and interesting hub.

    • midget38 profile image

      Michelle Liew 4 years ago from Singapore

      A great hub, Barara! Interesting info on public baths and possible health benefits!! Sharing this detailed hub.

    • go-barbara-go profile image

      go-barbara-go 4 years ago

      Yeah, gymnasium was far from what we! I thought it was like coliseum or something like that.

      Thanks for dropping by again. Please visit more....

    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 4 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Very interesting information here...

      Now I know the root definition for gymnasium.

      Thanks for sharing!