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Natural Healing And Fruit Part I

Updated on November 16, 2013

Adrienne Manson© All Rights Reserved No Portion Of This Article May Be Reproduced Without Permission From The Author December, 2011

Apples -A natural aid in helping to lower cholesterol, and to regulate blood pressure. Some of the ailments that apples can help alleviate are clearing up inflammation of the colon. Apples also help to cleanse the bladder.

Apricots – According to “Prescription for Dietary Wellness” apricots are beneficial in aiding constipation, bowel disorders, and apricots are excellent for helping to heal muscles, and nerve tissue. Patients who are undergoing treatment for various cancers should included apricots in their diet to help the body heal itself.


Avocado – This fruit is exceptional for patients who suffer with fatigue and/or chronic fatigue. Patients suffering with hypoglycemia, (which is low blood sugar) please consult with the doctor before making any changes to your medication/and or diet. The avocados help to stabilize your blood sugar. For diabetics who are not taking insulin cinnamon is a great way to maintain a normal level of blood sugar. Please do not use cinnamon in place of any prescribed medication. For borderline diabetics cinnamon is excellent to include in your diet. For example, a sprinkle of cinnamon on your oatmeal is excellent in the morning to keep a normal blood sugar throughout the day.

(You cannoteat starches, and sugar and use cinnamon, as a crutch to keep your blood sugar on track this will NOT work.)

Bananas – A great source of potassium.

Blueberry – One of the super foods blueberries is powerful antidoxants and is great for helping to preserve the memory. Blueberries help to slow the progression of Alzheimer/and, or dementia when used in the very early stages. Families that have a history of Alzheimer individuals should intake blueberries on a daily bases to help halt the disease. (Please note blueberries alone do not stop the disease progress, but merely slows the progression).

Blackberries – High in fiber, individuals who suffer with constipation must intake fiber to avoid bouts of constipation. (Please note chronic constipation is a warning for other medical conditions and should not be overlooked.)

Cherries – Black cherry juice has a number of health benefits.

Cranberry – Drinking cranberry juice is an ideal way to prevent bladder infections. Cranberry juice stops bacteria from forming in the walls of the bladder. When drinking cranberry juice the bacteria is washed out of the bladder, and exits the body this is how bladder infections are prevented.

Figs – Fig juice has properties to eliminate intestinal parasites.

Grapes – Grapes more specifically dark colored grapes are higher in fiber than green grapes. Dark grapes will aid in decreasing heart palpitations grapes are an excellent source for cleansing the tissues, and glands. The liver is the purifier of the blood by eating grapes this will stimulate the liver, and the body will benefit by cleansing itself.


Grapefruit – Different fruits are excellent natural antibiotics. The grapefruit is a great source for healing the body of candida. The seed extract is known for various healing properties (i.e. viruses, and parasites). Health food stores carry the grapefruit seed extract in pill form which a natural antibiotic. Some side effects can occur such as, mild stomach irritation, and gas.

According to Dr. Phyllis and James Balch authors of “Prescription for Dietary Wellness” grapefruits are a great source for:

A) Lowering cholesterol

B) Protecting arteries

C) Cancer prevention


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  • tebo profile image


    5 years ago from New Zealand

    We all know fruits are good for us but it is good to have the specifics of why each of the fruits you have written about are good for us. Thanks for the information.

  • thumbi7 profile image

    JR Krishna 

    6 years ago from India

    This hub has summarised the health benefits of various kinds of fruits in an organised way.

    Doctors encourage the consumption of different coloured fruits and vegetbles for preventing many diseases.

    Thanks for SHARING:)

  • Virtual Treasures profile image

    Kacie Turner 

    6 years ago from Michigan

    Very well organized and well written hub filled with great information! Thank you!

  • RTalloni profile image


    6 years ago from the short journey

    Thanks for some reminders and some new info on the benefits of fresh fruit. Looking forward to Part 2!

  • prasetio30 profile image


    6 years ago from malang-indonesia

    Very informative hub. I learn much from you. There's no one better than natural remedies and we can find this inside the fruits. Well done and rated up! Happy new year...


  • missolive profile image

    Marisa Hammond Olivares 

    6 years ago from Texas

    Very nice hub adrienne -

    I am a big fan of including healthy foods in our diet. Good thing I enjoy all of the foods on your list. I do need to start buying bananas again- they are a great addition for potassium and go well in my smoothies :)

    Thank you for the additional links as well.

    FYI - the avocado pic looks oh so good! yum!

    Bookmarked and voted up!

  • adrienne2 profile imageAUTHOR

    Adrienne F Manson 

    6 years ago from Atlanta

    Hi Movie Master, thanks for giving my article a read.

    @prccray It has been awhile since we have come across one another thanks for taking the time to comment.

    @rochelj Thanks for giving the article a read.

    @venki Thanks for stopping by.

  • Movie Master profile image

    Movie Master 

    6 years ago from United Kingdom

    I love all these fruits and they are good for me - perfect!

    Great information thank you for sharing and voted up.

  • pmccray profile image


    6 years ago from Utah

    Love this healthful and informative hub. Thank you so much for sharing. Voted up, marked useful, interesting and book marked.

  • rochelj profile image


    6 years ago from USA

    It is so true that we can find so many healing properties in natural fruit and vegetables. often these can prevent the need for medicine and help a person to be healthy. this is important for people to know and utilize.

  • venki_indiain profile image


    6 years ago from Chennai

    Thanks for the good information. But some fruits like Banana will not be good during winter season for some people. Good work.


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