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Natural Herbs for High Blood Pressure

Updated on September 27, 2012

Garlic - Natural Remedy for High Blood Pressure

Garlic is a simple, naturally remedy to help control high blood pressure.
Garlic is a simple, naturally remedy to help control high blood pressure. | Source

High Blood Pressure Herbs

High blood pressure runs in my family. Whenever one of us feels stress, our blood pressure shoots up. Even though I have never been officially tested, I can tell that it happens to me. I know it happens to my parents and sister, as well, and they have been documented by a doctor.

So, I have decided to research which herbs are best for the condition. You see, I would rather prevent the condition or treat it naturally. Luckily there are some herbs, such as garlic, that are easy to use and very tasty.

Right now, my blood pressure is at a good level. However, I understand that it could change at any time if I don't take care of myself. That's what this hub is all about. Exploring how to best take care of myself so I don't end up with this condition. Not only that, but I am also going to look into potential herbs and foods that can help lower blood pressure.

Preventing High Blood Pressure

The best way to treat high blood pressure is to prevent it in the first place. To do this, the best thing to do is eat a healthy diet and exercise enough. Now, we don't need to be obsessive with this. I find that when I am obsessed and start dieting, I get stressed out which makes me eat more. This makes the situation worse!

Healthy Weight

When I gain weight, I gain it in my stomach. This is called "visceral fat" and it is the absolute worse thing. It causes all kinds of health problems. For me, even a few extra pounds can be bad because of how I gain weight.

I currently have weight to lose so I am well beyond the point of simple maintenance. My goal is to lose weight by cutting back and to make this a natural part of my day.


Yes, exercise is an important part of losing weight. However, it is so much more than that. It keeps the cardiovascular system healthy. Once I reach a healthy weight, I will certainly continue exercising because I know how good it is for my heart.

One thing I have learned about myself is that I absolutely need to do things that I enjoy. For me, this means dancing, walking, hiking, and going to the weight room.

In my opinion, preventing and treating high blood pressure begins with eating a healthy diet and exercising! This is the most important thing.


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    • kohuether profile image

      Katherine Olga Tsoukalas 4 years ago from New Hampshire

      You're welcome! I hope it helps. :-)

    • leilabarda profile image

      Rosa Lea Acerimo 4 years ago from Marikina City

      thank you for this very insightful information. i will surely try this for my father and my son as well.

    • kohuether profile image

      Katherine Olga Tsoukalas 5 years ago from New Hampshire

      Thank you so much for voting me up and also for the feedback. I am glad you found it helpful!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      Voted up because this is a good reminder to anyone with high blood pressure or high blood pressure tendencies.