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Natural Home Remedies For Removing Skin Mole

Updated on March 3, 2010
Do You Have A Beauty Mole ?
Do You Have A Beauty Mole ?

Before understand how natural home remedies work for removing skin mole, we must first understand what is the root of the cause. A defect in melanin production is the main cause for a mole to appear on our skin. When these melanocytes are unevenly situated, they may grow in cluster and that is what forms a mole.

In other words, moles are actually concentrated clusters of melanin.

Over Exposure to the sun can lead to the darkening of these clusters thus, the formation of moles.

As such, natural remedies for mole removal are used to either lighten the mole or dispersing these clusters altogether.

While natural remedies are gaining popularity, do note however that natural remedies are not the cure for "cancerous moles"

3 Natural Home Remedy For Removing Skin Mole

As moles are caused by unsettled clusters of melanins, one of the best ways to removing skin moles is to "disperse" these clusters. and here are some of the every day natural home remedies that can be found in your kitchen.

These natural home remedies work best for moles that are caused by over-exposure to the sun. 

1) Garlic - Garlic juice works pretty well in achieving the dispersing effect without leaving any scars. Extract some garlic juice from the food and apply them onto your mole.

Overtime, the garlic juice will cause the cluster cells to disperse evenly, thus hiding and getting rid of your mole.

2) Onion - The other natural kitchen food that you can use to hep even out your skin tone.. is onion. Using the same method, squeeze some onion juice out from the onions and apply it onto your affected area.

3) Honey - Raw honey works well when it comes to dispersing these clusters of melamins. Dap some honey onto your mole and use a first aid band aid to cover them overnight. Do this everyday and you will notice your mole getting smaller.


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      anmol 3 years ago

      nice method for removing moles