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Natural Home Remedies , Slippery Elm

Updated on May 3, 2012
Photo Of The Slippery Elm Tree Native To The Eastern United States.
Photo Of The Slippery Elm Tree Native To The Eastern United States.
Photo Of The Elm Leaf Beetle Which Preys Upon Elm Tree's Of All Types.
Photo Of The Elm Leaf Beetle Which Preys Upon Elm Tree's Of All Types.
The Dead Branches In This Elm Tree Lets You Know It's Under Attack By The Dutch Elm Disease.
The Dead Branches In This Elm Tree Lets You Know It's Under Attack By The Dutch Elm Disease.

Natural Home Remedies, Slippery Elm

The Slippery Elm tree is native to the eastern United States. It is found as far west as North Dakota and as far north as Maine. The tree is found as far south as Florida. It has also now been planted and propagated across southern Quebec. It is also known as Soft Elm, Moose Elm, Indian Elm, Grey Elm, and Red Elm.

The tree grows up to 60 foot tall and is usually less than 24 inches thick. The wood of the tree when cut into is reddish brown and this is where it gets it's name red elm from. You'll find that the leaves of the tree are 6 inches or less long and rough in texture. The tree produces it's flowers before the leaves are produced in the spring. The flowers of this tree are usually pollinated by the wind.

Fortunately the tree is not as susceptible to Dutch Elm Disease as other American Elm trees but it is preyed up on by the Elm Leaf Beetle. The Elm Leaf Beetle is attacking American Elm trees all across the United States.

You will find that the Slippery Elm species of the elm tree grows best in moisture rich uplands but it will grow in dryer places but it won't get quite as large.

Slippery Elm Bark

Photo Of The Mature Bark Of The Slippery Elm Tree.
Photo Of The Mature Bark Of The Slippery Elm Tree.

SUPER Healing Slippery Elm?

Slippery Elm Benefits And Uses

The Cherokee Indians made a salve from the bark and it was used to bring relief to pain and inflammation. The salve was applied to skin boils, minor burns, and wounds. They made the salve by grinding the inner bark of the tree into a salve. It is said that the Cherokee have made and used this salve for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Essiac Tea is used by herbalist to treat cancer and it has been proven to work in laboratory animals. It is made from.

1. Four Ounces Of Dried Slippery Elm Bark.

2. One Ounce Of Turkey Rhubarb Root.

3. Six Ounces Of Burdock Root.

4. One Pound Of Sheep Sorrel.

All f the herbs should be dried and in powder form and all of the ingredients must be mixed together. You drink a tea made out of the combined ingredients at least three times daily.

In laboratory studies tumors in mice who were given the tea decreased in size and in some cases even disappeared.

But I encourage you to do your own extensive research and find out everything you can about the Essiac Tea. Do your own research and never give up. Keep careful notes so you will know exactly what you are doing. You can share this information with your doctor.

I encourage you to discuss any herbal treatment with your doctor. If the doctor won't work with you change doctors. Or go to a Herbal Practitioner or become one yourself.

Natural Home Remedies , Slippery Elm

I can tell you that the tree has several traditional medical uses. It is the inner bark of the tree that is used as a demulcent ( It Forms A Soothing Film Over Mucus Membranes Relieving Pain ). The United States Food And Drug Administration has approved the inner bark of the tree being grown and used as a nutritional supplement for this purpose. This does not mean that it has been approved as a drug. It has only been approved as a nutritional supplement. It is usually sold as a tea.

You'll find tea being offered for sale by health food stores that is made from the inner bark of the slippery elm tree and it is sold to bring relief from the sore throat or a irritated stomach. Quite often the inner bark of the tree is dried and then ground into powder which is marketed as a tea. Both the tea and the gruel made from the inner bark is used to calm and soothe an upset stomach. During that long dark winter at Valley Forge George Washington and his men lived on a gruel made from the inner bark of the tree and they had little else to eat.

The whole bark of the tree was used to induce abortions in women but it had the unfortunate effect of often killing the woman. Pregnant or nursing women should not use products made from this tree.

Huge amounts of the slippery elm tree were once cut down because the wood of the tree was perfect for making wagon wheels which held up to heavy use. The interlocking grains of the wood was very shock resistant and the wagon wheels made from the tree held up to heavy use. Of course in the modern world we don't have a great need for wagon wheels.

Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea is said to be a herbal blended tea that is said to cure cancer. In some studies it reduced the size of tumors in mice in laboratory settings and in some cases the tumors vanished completely.

Both the Canadian and United States Governments have refused to approve this treatment for cancer though Essiac Tea is sold in the United States as a nutritional supplement. There are many people who say that their cancer was cured by Essiac Tea but this has never been confirmed by the Food And Drug Administration.

Be Sure To Do Your Own Research.

As I said above I encourage you to do your own research and find out anything you can about any herb being used for medical purposes. As a cancer survivor I wish I knew it did work but I do not. I have never tried it and am not endorsing it. What I am telling you is to do your own research and find out everything you can. If it did cure someone of cancer why could it not work for other people.

Discuss Using Herbal Cures With Your Own Doctor.

I would try everything to try to rid my body of cancer but it is a matter of personal choice. Discuss this with your own doctor or with a Herbal Practitioner. I will tell you that some doctors including cancer doctors will refuse to use any form of herbal cures when it comes to cancer. If I wanted to use it and my doctor said no I would probably seek out another doctor. Until you face death and your own mortality you really don't know what you would do.

Fight The Good Fight And Never Give Up.

As a Native American and a Cancer Survivor I do look at things different than other people. I feel the big drug companies want to keep making big money off prescription drugs so they try to put down any herbal treatment and I often find even the Food And Drug Administration putting out information I know to be false. But with this said again I encourage you to do your own research. Keep careful notes in a journal so you can refer back to it. And if you have cancer never give up. Over five years ago I was told I was looking at living six months to a year but I am still alive today. And I give credit to me being alive today to nutrition and herbs. Everything I have learned I did through research on my own. And also through trial and error. And I have refused to give up. If you ever need to talk contact me through the site here. I will be glad to tell you anything I have been able to find out on my personal journey to beat cancer.I hope you find peace and I encourage everyone to never give up. Fight the good fight and in the end you just may come out a winner.

Photo Of The Leaf Of The Slippery Elm Tree.
Photo Of The Leaf Of The Slippery Elm Tree.

Cancer Treatment Update: September 19, 2011

Natural Home Remedies , Slippery Elm Bark

Slippery Elm is used to soothe sore throats, the symptoms of Crohn's Disease especially the pain, itchy skin, gastric ulcers, heartburn, upset stomachs, boils, minor wounds, minor burns, and cough. If you have a mild to bad sunburn make up the tea and apply it to the sun burned area with cotton balls. It will bring a soothing effect to the sun burned area.

You should know that the active ingredient in slippery elm bark is the inner bark of the tree and you want to make sure that any slippery elm product is as natural as possible. You don't want a product that has additives , flavoring, or fillers added to it. Insist on a product made out of only the dried inner bark of the tree.

You will find slippery elm bark offered as tea, in capsules and in pill form. The best way to use it is in tea form and you want to find a all natural product. You can buy the powder from your local health food store and make your own tea or capsules. You should be able to buy capsules that you can fill yourself from your local health food stores.

Be sure that you discuss using any herb or herbal product with your doctor before you use it. Have as much information as possible printed out for your doctor and take it to him or her. If you want to use herbal remedies and your doctor doesn't want to work with herbal remedies then switch doctors or consider becoming a Herbal Practitioner yourself.

Unfortunately the demand for slippery elm bark has become so great that the trees are becoming rare. When you harvest the inner bark of the tree it kills the tree. Only the inner bark of the tree is used for herbal purposes.

This Hub Page Is For Information Purposes Only.

This Hub Page is offered for information purposes only and is in no way medical advice. Herbal medicine works and works great but you need to work with your doctor with herbal medicine. If your doctor doesn't want to work with you with herbs and herbal medicine find a doctor or herbal practitioner who will. Or consider becoming a herbal practitioner yourself.

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