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Natural Home Remedies for Brown Spots on Skin

Updated on November 1, 2010

Many of us have heard about natural body care which, to a large extent, involves utilizing the powerful healing attributes of herbs and other organic products. These natural body care products may alleviate those vexing brown spots on skin.

There are also many quality personal care products that fall under the natural category available in selected stores, but the first thing you have to do, if brown spots have made their appearance on your once flawless skin, is to consult your dermatologist. He/she will most likely five you a rundown of possible causes of brown spots on skin. Sporty and always out in the sun during your younger years? It is quite possible chronic sun exposure without ample sun protection may be the culprit t those spots. If those brown spots are not collections of pigment caused by prolonged sun exposure, they may be the result of bruising that leaves a trail of blood pigments. Some people share they get skin discolorations like brown spots as offshoot of inflammation caused by acne, and there may be some genetic component to this. Hormonal shifts in women, particularly when they reach the stages of perimenopause and menopause also tend to create excess melanin, leading to hyperpigmentation (melanin accumulating in skin layers). A pregnant woman is also likely to have brown spots that can appear on the face or at the backs of hands.

Need help with brown spots on skin?

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Some brown spots on skin may also be caused by harsh chemicals. When applying topical skin-enhancing products, remember to do it gently.  Bear in mind also that many products that vie for consumer attention do not always live up to their claims and may have adverse effects on your skin, so try getting your cosmetic solutions from a reputable all-natural products store. Once there, though, you may be overwhelmed by a confusing plethora of skin care options.

Check out the anti-aging herbs for you to combat your bad skin blues. Quite popular is Aloe Vera, which is ideal for removing dead skin cells. Topical aloe vera application may also ensure that when applying aloe products, the highest concentrations of the natural healing agent will permeate and deliver benefits to the skin. Comfrey and Calendula are touted as beneficial herbs that can re-hydrate and rejuvenate skin. If stress seems to be eating you up lately, check with your doctor if St. John’s Wort (which can have a good impact on skin while relieving anxiety and depression) is suitable for you.

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Keep your internal organs functioning  properly, and in so doing you will also contribute to improving your skin. If you opt to use moisturizers and sunscreens, go for those formulated with vitamin C.  Whether as supplements or as topical solutions to brown spots on skin, antioxidant vitamins C, A & E to improve the body’s immune system and protect it from free radicals.  The best natural preventive measure or remedy against discolorations and related skin woes, of course, is regular exercise and a good diet. Most doctors recommend a low-fat, low-carb, moderate protein diet coupled with lots of water to improve skin appearance. Antioxidant foods like dark green leafy vegetables and fruits like raspberries are also great for skin. Sleeping well and refraining from smoking likewise contribute to better-looking skin. 

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