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Natural Home Remedies for Toothache – Pain Relief

Updated on July 24, 2012

Natural Home Remedies for Toothache Pain

We have all experienced toothache sometime or the other. It could be a very difficult experience. Toothache can be mild, continuous and even excruciating. Eating hot or cold food or drinking beverages can aggravate the pain. The most common cause of toothache is a dental cavity. The bacteria in the mouth convert some of the simple sugars we consume into acids. The outer parts of the teeth called the enamel and dentin are destroyed by these acids. This leads to the formation of cavities where chunks of food get collected. It also exposes the pulp which contains nerves and blood vessels resulting in pain.

Gum disease (periodontal disease) is another reason for toothache. Gum disease causes inflammation of the soft tissue and the loss of bone that surrounds the teeth. This leads to receding gums exposing the roots of teeth, making them sensitive to hot and cold foods causing pain.

Some of the natural remedies for toothache pain relief are

Holding ice pack around the affected area numbs the nerve endings and reduces the pain.

Hold cucumber slice around the affected area. This can provide a soothing effect and reduce the pain.

Alcohol acts as a pain killer. Take a swig of whiskey and hold in the mouth. It acts as a tranquillizer and reduces the pain.

Clove oil has been used as a remedy for toothache from a long time. Apply clove oil by means of a cotton swab to the affected teeth. If it is not available hold some cloves to the area of pain. It acts as an analgesic and reduces the pain.

Gargling with salt water is another effective remedy. Salt acts as a disinfectant and warm water helps to relieve the pain. Take a mouthful of salt water and gargle for 20-30 seconds and spit it out. Repeat the process a few times

Mix baking soda with warm water and use it for gargling

Make a paste of turmeric and garlic and apply it on the affected area. This would help to ease the pain

Warm mustard oil mixed with turmeric will also help to ease the pain

These are some of the natural home remedies for toothache which provide pain relief.

It is extremely important that children should be taught to brush teeth properly from a very early age. It is also necessary to brush the gums gently as this will help to improve the blood supply in the gums. This would prevent tooth decay and the resultant toothache later. Flossing regularly will help to prevent tooth decay.


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