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Natural Treatments and Home Remedies for Bronchitis

Updated on June 27, 2014

Bronchitis Sufferer?

The information in this HUB is NOT intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. This author is sharing her experience with bronchitis and how a natural remedy eliminated my own bronchitis.

Bronchitis is an inflammation and infection of the lining of the bronchial tubes. Whether one suffers from acute or chronic bronchitis, the wheezing and coughing may last for days, weeks if not months (as in my case). There were people that were trying to be helpful and would tell me, “try not to talk, talking will bring on a coughing jag”. That was not very practical advice for me since I worked in a call center at the time. The coughing jags I suffered from made life at my job very difficult All day spent trying to speak to customers while trying to hold in, or control, the urge to cough. Once I began coughing, it opened the floodgate. Of course the coughing is always worse at night. Coughing so hard my body ached and the pain just added to the misery. This would continue for months before the bronchitis would subside. I just accepted that every time I caught a cold or flu, or allergy season kicked in, that bronchitis would follow. I would go to the doctor and get cough syrup or just purchase over the counter medicine. This was the pattern I would follow for the rest of my life........or so I thought. There are many people that are unable to take antibiotics because they have grown intolerant to the drugs from overuse. Those people in particular should open their minds to alternative treatments. There are many natural remedies available, the choice is yours.

Chamomile Tea soothes Bronchitis
Chamomile Tea soothes Bronchitis | Source

Pick Your Medicine

Drink your way to Relief

Here are some suggestions for liquid relief:

  • Ginger – Prepare your own herbal tea by adding ginger, cinnamon and cloves to boiling water. Add honey if you want to sweeten it a little. Some people add a little milk, but I wouldn’t because milk causes mucus which is what we are trying to eliminate.
  • Garlic or Onion – Finely chop garlic or onion and mix with honey. My advice would be to swallow like a shot of tequila.
  • Thyme – Another tea remedy is to add one or two teaspoons of fresh thyme to boiling water. Allow to steep for at least 5 minutes.
  • Chamomile Tea - If one does not want to prepare your own herbal tea, chamomile tea is always a good choice.

Steam Therapy

Eucalyptus Oil is NOT meant to be taken internally. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to boiling water and inhale the steam. Or, add several drops in a hot bath so you’ll be breathing in the steam while bathing. It's very relaxing and why not sip of cup of chamomile tea, which is recommended for bronchitis, while your at it.

Eucalyptus Oil used in Steam Therapy to treat Bronchitis
Eucalyptus Oil used in Steam Therapy to treat Bronchitis | Source

Not a Hard Pill to Swallow

Natural Treatment in Capsule Form

If one finds the liquid relief suggestions too hard to swallow, and one is unable to spend all their free time in a steaming bath, then there is always relief in the form of a capsule.

After another bout of bronchitis after contracting the flu, I had had enough. I've been taking supplements for approximately 20 years and have no idea why I never researched into natural treatments for bronchitis before. I went online and searched holistic treatments for bronchitis. There was much information and many different alternatives.

I narrowed my choices to the following: Oregano Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, Garlic, Onion, Raw Honey, Ginger, Cloves, Cinnamon and Thyme.

Some of the liquid relief suggestions did not sound appealing to me, except for some of the teas. Steam therapy sounded good but I needed relief during the day while at work. After reading material on these alternatives, it was between Oregano Oil and Olive Leaf Extract because both were available in capsule form. Both are considered the most powerful natural antibiotics on the planet. Both are recommended for flu prevention and treatment of bronchitis. It was a toss up. I chose to try Oregano Oil for no particular reason. I thought I would try Oregano Oil and if did not work, then I would try Olive Leaf Extract. There was never a reason for me to try Olive Leaf Extract. I went to a local health food store and asked the saleswoman about the difference between the two remedies. She informed me that Oregano Oil can be taken in liquid form or capsule form. If taken in liquid form it is added to water and it is advised to drink through a straw so as not to burn one's lips. Ugh! So, I bought Oregano Oil in capsule form. I followed the recommended dosage on the label. It was truly a the next day my coughing had subsided. It had not gone away completely but was nowhere near what it was the day before. I had been coughing steadily for almost a week. Normally, my cough would last for MONTHS! Different doctors all said the same thing, bronchitis takes a long time to heal. By the end of the week I was not coughing at all. Never had I ever had results such as this by taking prescription medication/cough syrups from a physician. This was 1 1/2 years ago and I've gone through cold/flu seasons and allergy seasons and I have not experienced a bout of bronchitis since. Holistic treatment for my bronchitis has truly changed my life. And there will never be any going back! Although I did not choose Olive Leaf Extract to treat my bronchitis, it did prove invaluable when another health issue arose. How distressing it can be to be a baby boomer entering the later stage of life, and encountering all the health bumps in the road. But, discovering a natural remedy for bronchitis has prepared me to take on any ailment with the help of Mother Nature and all she provides us. We just have to dig and find the treatments that surround us.


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