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Natural Home Remedies , Sage

Updated on March 21, 2014

Natural Home Remedies , Sage Photo

Sage Or Common Sage Used For Culinary And Medicinal Purposes Is Shown In The Photo Here.
Sage Or Common Sage Used For Culinary And Medicinal Purposes Is Shown In The Photo Here.

Flower Gardens : How to Grow Sage (Salvia)

Painting from Koehler's Medicinal Plants (1887) in this photo of all parts of a Sage Plant.
Painting from Koehler's Medicinal Plants (1887) in this photo of all parts of a Sage Plant.

Natural Home Remedies, Sage

Sage has been grown for centuries in the old world both for it's culinary and medicinal properties. Sage is easy to grow and harvest for both culinary and medicinal properties. The plants grow about two foot tall and the plant will bloom and have flowers on it in the late spring or summer. Both the leaves and the flowers are good for their culinary and medicinal properties.

Sage Can Be Grown From Cuttings Or Seeds.

You can grow sage from cuttings or seed and it's easy to propagate and make new sage plants from cuttings 8-10 inches long. Remove any leaves or stems from the first 3-4 inches and plant the cuttings in moist rich soil and you will quickly have new sage plants. You can grow sage in your garden in rows or you can grow it in containers or large pots. When you see the sage first start to put on flowers cut off the top third of the plant and hang the cuttings up to dry. Or you can make cuttings at this time to propagate more sage plants. Sage roots quickly for me but some people need a rooting hormone to get the sage to root more quickly. Sage is one of my money plants. I start sage cuttings in 4 inch disposable pots and when I have healthy sage plants I take them to flea markets and sell them for $4 - $5 depending on how big the sage plants are. I hand out a paper with all kinds of great information about sage on the hand out papers and I usually quickly sell all my sage plants.

Sage Is Used For Smudging.

I also make sage bundles for smudging and I sell each of these in a plastic bag with a information sheet for $3 each. You can make a great business out of herbs and flea markets are a great place to sell your herbs and herb products like sage.

Sage Was Brought From Ancient Egypt To Roman Ruled Britain.

Sage was probably brought to the United Kingdom from Egypt where it was used for medicinal uses. It was not until it was brought to Britain that it began to be used for culinary uses. It was during the time that the Romans ruled Britain that they brought the sage into Britain. It was not long before sage was being used when pork was cooked and sage was added to homemade pork sausage. It is still used today in the United States where it is added to pork sausage. The British were big on boiled beef and sage soon found it's way into the pots of boiled beef and it is still used in the same way there today.

Sage Was Used To Protect Against Evil Spirits.

In very early times sage was used to protect against evil spirits and sage is often used today to smudge houses to protect the people in the house and to keep evil away. Native Americans used sage to smudge with and to protect them from evil. Many Native Americans are still using sage for the same purposes today. The sage is tied in a small bundle and then lighted and blown out so the sage will smoke and smudge houses and people.

Sage Is A Strong Diuretic.

Romans used sage as a diuretic and it does work well for that purpose. The British used it also as a diuretic and to treat people with gout. In early times sage was often cultivated in monastery gardens and it was used for many health problems.

Sage Has Many Culinary Uses.

The most popular use for sage in the United States today is when it is used to season the stuffing on Thanksgiving. It is also used in pork sausage along with salt, black pepper, fennel, and cayenne pepper. Plus it is used for many other culinary uses in the United States.

Sage Has Great Antibiotic And Anti Fungal Properties.

Studies show that sage is currently used for its antibiotic and anti fungal properties. Sage is often added to hot water and people with toenail fungus infections soak their feet in the sage water and it cure the person of their toe nail fungus.if you have a problem with unwanted mushrooms growing in your garden you can mix up sage water and spray the ground where the mushrooms are growing and the mushrooms won't come back. If your dog has ear mites wash his ears out with sage water and the ear mites will be gone.

Has The Cure For Alzheimer's Been Found.

One of the most important things though is that recent studies have shown that sage is highly effective in treating Alzheimer's Disease. Early results say that it improves the memory and the quality of life of Alzheimer Patients. The ancient Greeks and Romans always claimed that sage improved the memory of people with dementia. So it may be that a possible cure for Alzheimer's may have been found. You can give people tea made out of sage leafs or flowers or you can put it into capsules that can be swallowed. I'm sure there will be many more research projects into sage and its use for Alzheimer's and Dementia. Sage is another one of the perfect natural home remedies.

The most active part of sage is its essential oil and that oil contains thujone, borneol, and cheole. If you do research into sage you'll find that sage oil is the essential oil that comes from sage. Sage oil is said to boost short term memory and it is currently being used as a food supplement for that purpose. Sage oil is currently part of several research projects in several countries to find out if the claims that sage oil could possibly be the cure for Alzheimer's and Dementia. If it is then it is one of the most important discoveries of our time. Only time will tell if it really will work as a cure for Alzheimer's and Dementia.

If your going to use Sage to treat any illness you should discuss it with your doctor and tell him or her what you plan to do. Sage is considered to be one of the safer herbs but you should still discuss your plans with your doctor. If your doctor won't work with you with herbs get another doctor or consider becoming a herbal practitioner yourself. You can easily go to school online and quickly become a herbal practitioner. There are many online schools that offer this opportunity. But you need to do your own research and see what you can find out.

Go Organic Or Be Sure You Understand Pesticides

You need to grow any herbs you grow under as organic of conditions as possible. Most of the time you won't need to use any pesticides on herbs. But if you do be sure you read the label on any pesticide product you use. A lot of people forget to read labels and this is very important. Especially if you are going to use the herbs in teas or food.

Sage Health Benefits & Spiritual Uses

Sage Leaves In This Photo.
Sage Leaves In This Photo.

Natural Home Remedies , Sage

You can chew sage leaves to cleanse your mouth and teeth and to prevent gingivitis. Did you know that the Latin name for sage is Salvia which means to heal. And sage has all kinds of wondrous health benefits.

Sage Is Good For Your Nerves And For Anxiety.

Sage is said to cure headaches, frayed nerves, and anxiety. Some people say that sage works better for them than prescription drugs. You can buy sage tea in health food stores but you want a sage tea that is as natural as possible with out fillers or additives. Natural sage tea is somewhat bitter but you can add honey and lemon to improve the flavor of your sage tea.

Sage Is Good For Your Teeth And Gums.

Sage has long been used as an effective mouth was and gargle. You can make sage tea with the honey and lemon in it and use it as a gargle and moth wash that will improve the health of your teeth and gums.

Making Your Sage Tea.
When you make sage tea or other herbal teas be sure to let your water containing the sage almost come to a boil and then let it set there and steep. You do not want to allow your sage boil or you will be destroying the essential oils that sage contains. After your sage tea sets and steeps then add in your honey and lemon.
Make Sage Capsules.
Some people prefer to use sage capsules because they don't like the taste of sage tea. Sage tea is not that bad if you add in lemon and honey. I drink it all the time and I think I get a lot of health benefits from the sage.
Sage Dressing.
My Mom And Grandma have both passed but they both made some of the most wonderful sage dressing that you ever ate. I've tried my best to get my sage dressing to taste like theirs did but so far I haven't been able to get the flavor I'm looking for. But I'm going to keep trying and see what I can do.
Sage Is A Wonderful Medicinal Herb.
So far I don't think there has been enough research into sage and it's medicinal properties. If there is the possibility that sage could be the cure for Alzheimer's Disease then there needs to be much more research into sage. For thousands of years people have made the claim that sage and sage tea can improve memory loss and dementia. I'm continuing my research into sage and will continue to do so.

This Hub Page is offered for information purposes only and is in no way medical advice. Herbal Medicine works and works great but you need to work with your doctor with Herbal Medicine. If your doctor doesn't want to work with you with herbs and Herbal Medicine find a doctor or herbal practitioner who will. Or consider becoming a herbal practitioner yourself.

Thank You For Reading My Hub Page

I want to thank you for reading my Hub Page on Sage and I hope you will consider sharing this Hub Page on Natural Herbal Remedies and Sage with all your friends and family members. Please send them a link to this Hub Page and THANKS FOR SHARING.


Smudging With Sage

Please Post Your Comments About Sage Now. Also Feel Free To Post Questions Or Tips About Sage. Thanks For Reading And SHARING.

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    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      6 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Dandelion is a stronger diuretic but sage works better for some people. I appreciate your comment.

    • cloverleaffarm profile image

      Healing Herbalist 

      6 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

      Informative, but a little bit repetitive with the use of the word sage. Giving the Latin name is also good for people out of the US. Common names for plants differ all over the world.

      While Sage is a diuretic, is not a strong diuretic. As an herbalist, I would choose Dandelion and others for a patient over sage.


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