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Fertility in Men: False Unicorn Root, Oatmeal, Wild Yam and More,

Updated on April 22, 2014

Today, millions of couples in North America are experiencing infertility and the numbers are continuing to grow. This can put a strain on the relationship which negatively impacts fertility even further. Although woman are often believed to be responsible, in forty percent of the cases men are responsible for infertility. There are natural methods for men to increase fertility but the first step should be to make sure there are no medical conditions that need to be treated.

Infections of the prostate can inhibit sperm production and ejaculation. Soaking in very hot water, wearing tight underwear and excessive bicycle riding have also been found to lower sperm count. There are many pollutants that can lower sperm count: drug medications, heavy metal build up in the body, radiation, chemicals, street drugs and pollution. An unhealthy lifestyle high in stress, low in nutrition and high in toxic foods also plays a role in infertility.

Caffeinated products have been found to decrease sperm count. Smoking cigarettes has an impact on a man’s sperm production and mobility and affects the natural functioning of a woman’s fallopian-tubes and can damage her eggs. Exposure to heavy metals, environmental pollutants, plastics and pesticides cause hormonal imbalance and decrease fertility in women.

A healthy body is important for fertility in women. Being severely overweight or underweight inhibits ovulation. Vaginal douches and lubricants slow down and can kill sperm. Women can use a fertility monitor to determine when they are most fertile and have the greatest chance of conceiving a baby.

There are a number of natural methods available for treatment and prevention of infertility which have the added benefits of improving overall health and no side effects now or in the future. A nutritious diet plays a key role in fertility health. The best foods are fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. However, eating healthy foods alone isn’t enough.

Eliminating health destroying foods such as processed foods loaded with chemicals, simple carbohydrates such as white bread, unhealthy fats such as are found in fried foods and high sugar foods such as soft drinks and candy bars. Foods that are particularly useful at increasing fertility and sex drive in men are seaweeds such as dulse and kelp, oatmeal, dates, yams, peanuts, kidney beans, black beans, wheat germ, walnuts and brewer’s yeast.

Fresh juices that are beneficial include oatstraw, spinach, carrot and celery juice. The most important nutrients for men are vitamin C, zinc and L-arginine. Other nutrients that are important include chromium, essential fatty acids, co enzyme Q10, selenium, copper and vitamin B complex.

Seeing the benefits of this diet will take about three month because it takes that long for new sperm formation. There are many herbs that have been found useful at enhancing fertility in men which include panax and siberian ginseng, avena sativa, pumpkin seed, sarsaparilla, damiana and false unicorn root.

Important nutrients for women include vitamin C, E, beta carotene, folic acid, selenium, magnesium, calcium, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, essential fatty acids, evening primrose oil and zinc. The most effective herbs to enhance fertility in woman are wild yam, chaste tree, donq quai, licorice, black cohosh, red raspberry leaf and false unicorn root.

False unicorn root is known to be an excellent uterine and ovary tonic. It is used to promote fertility in women and impotence in men. Many reproductive tract disorders are alleviated by false unicorn root's ability to balance the sex hormones and improve the ovary function of women.

Many formulations include several of the herbs mentioned, which can be found at your local health store or online. Finally, both men and woman who are experience stress overload need to find way to reduce stress because this has been found to help boost fertility.


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      anne 6 years ago

      really very informative

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