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How to Beat the Winter Blues...

Updated on September 27, 2011

Melancholy moods are very common during winter months. There are many things you can do to raise your spirits. Sometimes a simple song that you love or a favorite movie can really change your mood. Other times you may just need to get out of the house and re-connect with old friends. I'd like to share with you a list of things to do that has always worked for me.


Some people suffer from Season Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD occurs in many people during winter months when the days are shorter and people spend more time indoors. If you suspect you have SAD, schedule an appointment with your doctor.

It's been proven!  Pets can make you happier!
It's been proven! Pets can make you happier! | Source

If it's not too cold out, take a walk outside. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the nature around you.

30 minutes of cardio will get your endorphins pumping. You'll feel like a million bucks after you are done.

Play some music. Blast your favorite artist and sing along. Guaranteed to make you feel better.

Take a bath. Soak in a luxurious bubble bath and light some candles.

Treat yourself to a day at the spa. You'll walk out of there feeling rejuvenated.

Eat chocolate. It's been proven to lift your spirits. Just don't over do it!

Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while. If there is someone you've been thinking about or meaning to call, now is the perfect time. It's always nice to catch up with old friends.

Throw your favorite comedy into the dvd player. You'll laugh so much that you will forget all about being sad.

Play with your pets. The unconditional love we get from our pets is a beautiful thing. People with pets tend to live longer, have better health and are happier than people without pets.

Write in a journal. Get all those bad feelings out. Once you're done venting write what you are thankful for. You are more blessed than you realize.

Plan a get-together with family and / or friends. Pizza party at the house or a night out, it doesn't matter. It's great to be with people who love you.

Meditate. It's been proven to alleviate depression and improve moods.

Light some candles of your favorite scent. Scents can be uplifting. Find a candle scent you love.

Get rid of clutter. A messy home can wreak havoc on one's state of mind. Throw out stuff that's old, broken or not used.

Play with your kids or if you don't have any, spend the day with a niece, nephew or take one of your friends' kid for the day. Your friend will also thank you for it.

Do something nice for someone else. Doing things for others is very uplifting. You'll feel good knowing that your good deed has made someone else happy.

Treat yourself to something new. If you don't buy things for yourself very often then now is the time. Whether it's an outfit, make-up or electronics, you deserve it.

Join a group. is a great site to find others like you. There's groups you can join for singles, movie buffs, traveling, cooking and so much more. You can even start your own group.

Take a class. You can also check your neighborhood or community college for classes like cooking, writing, dancing or self defense. There are dozens of classes you can take, just find one that interests you.

Write out your goals. Once you start writing realistic goals and acheiving them, you'll feel good about yourself.

Get out of town for the weekend. Head out somewhere warm or visit a friend that lives out of town.

Positive affirmations. Tell yourself you are smart, beautiful, wonderful and deserving. Remind yourself everyday. Negative talk brings you down. Once you start saying positive things to yourself, your confidence will grow and you will be happier.

Stuff That Brings You Down...

Negative people drain you emotionally.  Stay clear of people who put you down, complain constantly or bad mouth others.  Sure, everyone goes through hard times and feel negative from time to time.  If you have people who around you who are always miserable or always causing trouble, it may be time to make some new friends.

Limit how much you watch the news.  The news is filled with depressing topics and news programs hardly reports anything positive. 

Alcohol is a depressant.  It's ironic that many people use alcohol as a way to mentally escape.  The truth is that alcohol only makes you feel worse. 


Final Note...

Winter months do not have to be a miserable time. Don't let yourself get too bored and stay in touch with your feelings. If you begin thinking negatively, distract yourself and remember that a bad mood does not last forever.  You are in control of your feelings.

American author Dale Carnegie once said: It isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy.  It is what you think about.



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    • amymarie_5 profile image

      amymarie_5 6 years ago from Chicago IL

      Fpherj48- I would hibernate all winter if I could. Nothing is worse than a Chicago blizzard! I'm still not over the last one we had!! Thanks for commenting!

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Great hub fellow cold-weather expert! When you live where we do, you get creative very quickly. I've learned through the years to embrace the winter and enjoy it any way possible. The only alternatives are: 1. hybernate or 2. moan, groan and complain....Neither of which has ever stopped the snow & cold!!

    • Fluffy77 profile image

      Fluffy77 6 years ago from Enterprise, OR

      Great advise here, I and some loved one's do suffer from this on some days of our deep long winter's here. The picture at the top of the page looks like a view near my backyard. So, I live near Mountains in the country town now. Yet, I was raised very much a city girl. It has been tough here for us, we are doing the best we can though. Voted you up and useful here, very informative too.

    • amymarie_5 profile image

      amymarie_5 7 years ago from Chicago IL

      Thanks for commenting Entourage. I suffered with depression when I started living alone. When I got my pets my state of mind changed. I don't know how I ever survived that first year without my animals. They love you no matter what! :)

    • Entourage_007 profile image

      Stuart 7 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      I find that working out always puts me in a better mood. THanks for sharing. I also feel an unconditional love when I play with my dogs. Sometime just taking deep breaths, running, and throwing the frisbee around with your dogs is all you need to get in a better mood.

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 7 years ago

      Thanks for your tips. I like the message that we can overcome sadness with some positive actions.