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Natural Organic Mascara - The Natural Eye Makeup

Updated on October 7, 2010

Organic Mascara

Organic Mascara for those looking for a Natural eye solution as well as for those with allergies
Organic Mascara for those looking for a Natural eye solution as well as for those with allergies

Medical Issues

A friend of mine was having eye problems a couple of years ago. During the week her eyes would get what looked like an infection. It would get better on the weekends. After going to a doctor it was determined that the cause of the problem was her mascara. Specifically it was the chemicals in the mascara. This all made sense because she typically wore mascara on week days but not as much on the weekends.

My friend, Greer, had two options. She could go without using mascara or she could try to find an alternative. Greer decided to try an alternative that the doctor had suggested. He told her that some women with her allergic reactions had success with organic mascara. That the natural ingredients were much less likely to cause problems when it contacted the skin.  Natural skin products were usually the solution to skin irritation issues.

Where Do Find Organic Mascara?

Greer then thought she would be searching the ends of the earth to find organic mascara.  As it turns out, there are lot of organic cosmetics.  Even some of the major manufacturers are getting into the production of Natural Organic cosmetics although the selection is significantly less than the major lines they carry.

The bad thing about organic beauty products is that there really is no government oversight to determine if something is truly organic.  Organic beauty products do not fall into the category of food and thus do not qualify to be covered by the United States Department of Agriculture guidelines.

All is not lost in determining the validity of organic claims.  Greer found that the good companies tended to list all of their ingredients.  Some ingredients were easy to understand and others less so but she did research and found the information needed to validate the organic cosmetics claims.

Since switching over to organic mascara, Greer has become much more interested in making sure that she is getting all natural organic beauty products.  There is a slightly higher cost but she tells me she feels better knowing exactly what she is putting on her body.  Before finding out her problem, she said she later felt stupid that she was "putting chemicals on my body without any knowledge of what they were". 

Greer feels strongly enough about her experience that she has created a web site to share information about organic cosmetics in general and organic mascara in particular.  You can learn more about Greer and organic mascara at


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    • erthfrend profile image

      erthfrend 7 years ago from Florida

      It is scary to think of the chemicals we put on so close to our eyes and the chemicals must soak into our skin as well. Its so nice to know there are healthy alternatives even for makeup now! Thank you for the tips!