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Natural Remedies for Braxton Hicks Contractions

Updated on March 13, 2012

Braxton Hicks contractions, which have been named after the doctor that first identified them, are a pain that no woman wishes upon herself or another woman. They are also known as "false labor", because they often make a woman feel like she is going into labor with regular contractions.This happens because the body is preparing for labor and needs to strengthen your uterus and surrounding muscles. It's not a fun experience, but trust that your body knows what is best for you and baby. Trust also that it will all be over soon!

Finding Relief...

Finding relief for Braxton Hicks contractions is not easy. For the most part, you just want to close yourself off in a dark cave and beat your head against a wall. Though since this isn't a healthy option for you or your baby, let's look at some natural forms of relief that you can use to get your through this turbulent time.


One of the best forms of natural relief, is meditation. It is a key reliever because it not only helps you focus on your breathing, but it can be used to help take your mind away from your physical body for a while. Once you are able to experience that disconnect, you can breath easy for a little while.

To get the most relief from meditation, take time out of your day to practice it, even when you aren't experience false labor. That way you are prepared when the contractions hit, and not scrambling for a visualization or breathing method to use in the moment.

BONUS: You can meditate during labor as well, though I'd imagine this to be easier said then done for someone just trying out meditation for pain relief.

Warm Washcloth

Many soon-to-be mommies have found a recipe for relief through using warm washcloths to sooth their aching belly's. It's not known to completely take away those nasty pains, but it helps to tone done the level of pain and to help give you a different sensation to focus on.


It's a hard thing to come buy these days. Especially if you a working mom-to-be, as many are these days. If you have other children, getting some serious sleep time can be even more difficult. Though it really is important for you to get as much rest as you can during this time in your pregnancy.

Not only is it healthy and important for you to get extra sleep, but you are less likely to take notice of those horrible pre-contractions while you are sound asleep. Not to mention, with you being in extra pain, your body is sending out extra chemicals to keep you sleeping heavier anyways.

Cannabis Cure?

Now, to be clear, I am not a doctor. Nor am I suggest that it is a wise choice to use cannabis during pregnancy. Though I would like to make it clear that there is no evidence that it is harmful to your soon-to-be-born baby, nor is there any evidence that it will hurt you.

In fact, before cannabis was removed from the pharmacopedia, it was one of the main pain and symptom relievers used during pregnancy. It was used because of zero toxicity, low side effects and organic qualities.

If you do decide to try this option, make sure to clue in your doctor, as it will show up in your urine tests and the last thing you want is for your doctor to feel like you're trying to hide it. Another thing to consider, is your form of intake. I cannot knowingly suggest smoking anything during pregnancy, though vaporizing or eating cannabis edibles could prove to be the healthiest ways for you to find relief and balance in this difficult time.


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  • profile image

    Natural Mommy 

    7 years ago

    I found a cup or two of chamomile tea with some good rest helps the BH to subside.


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