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Natural Remedies For Severe Heartburn

Updated on September 1, 2014

Complications of GERD

GERD appears to be just combination of common and simple symptoms at glance but if this condition persist for long time, can lead to detrimental outcomes. Complication of GERD includes:


It is mild redness to severe which may be bleeding without knowing. It can be lead anemia in minor causes while massive hemmestage can occur which may prove to be fatal.

Barret esophagus:

It is a premalignant condition which can lead to esophagial cancer. It is very important to identify barret esophagus and appropriate measures to prevent esophageal carcinoma in future.


It occurs due to bleeding from the area of esophagus which has prolong exposure to acidic stomach contents.

Esophageal Stricture:

Fibrous band can be form due to long standing esophagitus. Patient often present with dysphagea more for solid then liquids.

Acid Reflux

Types Of Symptoms

Irritant contents of stomach which are non irritant when they are in the stomach due to protective mechanions like mucous production and secretion of bicarbonates but when these contents enters the esophagus, they irritate the esophagus lining and leads to the inflammation of mucosa. Symptoms of disease occurs when the esophageal mucosa expose to gantric contents for prolong period of time. Symptoms of GERD include heart burn, water brash (increase salivation when the contents are refluxing into the esophagus). Patient may wake at night by choking as reflux fluid irritates the larynx. Other symptoms includes atypical chest pain which may mimic angina, asthma, chronic cough while examination on individual with GERD. Individuals with GERD are often over weight, evidence of recurrent visits to medical facility for repeated chest infections. Larynx may be found hyperemic and congested.

How do you spell relief?

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Why Do We Continue To Eat Foods That Cause Heartburn?

Sometimes we can't help but to go all in on the foods we enjoy knowing that it will have an adverse affect on our digestion; especially during the Holidays. But we continue to treat ourselves because we know relief is just right around the corner... even if it is only temporary!

Temporary Relief From Acid Reflux


Pharmacological Treatment

Pharmacological treatment includes

  • Use of antacids which are aluminum and magnesium based. They provide short term relief because they washed from the stomach very quickly.
  • Proton pump blockers (PPIs): They are very efficient in decreasing the amount of acid production. One daily dose is enough to provide whole day symptomless.
  • H2 receptor blockers: These groups of drugs have slight edge over PPIs which is suppression of nocturnal acid production otherwise both class of drugs are efficient.

Non Pharmacological Treatment

Natural ways includes life style modifications and behavioral changes.

  • Symptoms of GERD are more prominent at night because of horizontally lying esophagus and lack of gravity leads to chances of reflux at night. These problems can be overcome partially by elevating the upper body in bed. Elevation can be accomplished by putting blocks under the head end or use of two pillows instead of one.
  • Several alterations in the eating habits can be very beneficial for the patients. Individuals are encourage to have early evening meal instead of having immediate before bed or dividing the meal into small which distend the stomach in lesser extent.
  • There are foods which loosen the lower esophageal sphincter to promote reflux. This includes chocolate, peppermint, alcohol, caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee or soft drinks.
  • Excessive fatty and spicy foods should be discouraged because they aggravate symptoms.
  • A new distinct approach to reduce the symptoms is chewing gum. Chewing gum stimulates production of saliva which is alkane in nature. It neutralizes the acid which is entering into the esophagus.
  • Avoid going to bed immediately after meals.
  • Smoking should be stopped.
  • Individual are encourage to lose weight.

Why Eating Healthy Is So Important

Eating healthy plays an integral role with our digestive system. It is essential that we eat healthy and consume at least the minimal amount of fruits and vegetables to keep our bodies running at an optimal level. Of course it doesn't stop there... drinking plenty of water and excising daily is also a key factor in living a healthier life.

An Alternative Method Of Treatment

Over the years, I too have suffered from Acid Reflux Disease. It has been a long journey of sleepless nights and difficulty eating because of it. I can go on and on about acid reflux because I know it so well. Unfortunately, antacids are a quick fix and only provides temporary relief; thus leaving us vulnerable for repeated symptoms. Fortunately however, there are all natural methods of treatment available.


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