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Natural Remedies can save your Money

Updated on August 28, 2017
Nageen Naeem profile image

A Fresh Biochemist who loves to write articles on different perspectives of life.

In our everyday life we have to face many problems regarding our body parts including hair, nails, heels, cheeks and eyes etc. Sometimes we have to endure the problem of hair fall, scratches on nails and torn heels etc. On earth we find many natural things that work as remedy for all these problems. Save your money to get rid of your body problems.

Hair fall

Hair are the most important part of your body. They give you different looks. Hair fall is a serious problem. If you are facing this problem, you need not to worry. Here are some simple remedies for stopping hair fall.

Massage your head with lukewarm oil once in a week. Use any oil like coconut, olive or canola. Massage your head for few minutes daily.

Onion is also very useful for preventing hair fall. Add a chopped onion in your shampoo and use it after fourteen days. It will not only faster your hair growth but also gives you shiny hair.

Freshness on skin

Clean face gives you a healthy look. You look fresh when you don’t have hair, pimples or dark circles on your face. For the freshness of face honey and lemon mask is very useful.

Take 1 tsp honey and squeeze half lemon in it. Use cotton to apply it on face. Wash your face after 15 minutes. It will give your face a healthy and shiny look.

Gram floor is also good for the freshness of face. Add 2 tsp milk in 5 tsp gram floor. Apply it on face. Now let it be on your face for 15 minutes then wash it. You will feel fresh

Clear Skin (Acne Removal):

A clear face gives you beautiful and decent look. But if you have acnes on your face it will give a worst look to you. Don’t worry we have natural solution for you. You need not to spend heavy amount to get rid of acne.

Coconut oil is a great remedy for acne as it is antibacterial and antifungal. It fights against bacteria and reduces redness. It is a great moisturizer. If you have coconut oil, don’t need to use any other moisturizer. Apply it on your face for few minutes.

Egg white is also a good remedy for acne removal. Separate egg white from its yolk. Apply it on your face with cotton ball. After a few minutes it will tighten your face. Wash your face after an hour. Your face will glow amazingly.

Blackheads removal

Backing soda can be used to prevent blackheads.

Add 2 tsp baking soda in mineral water. It will become a paste. Apply this paste on effected parts. Remove it after few minutes with lukewarm water. Apply this remedy twice a week. It will remove all blackheads.

If baking soda is not available then use honey.

Honey has the ability to tighten the face. Use it on your face twice a week.

© 2017 Nageen Naeem


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    • Nageen Naeem profile image

      Nageen Naeem 6 months ago from Johar town, Lahore

      No sir!

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      diogenes 6 months ago from UK and Mexico

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      Nageen Naeem 6 months ago from Johar town, Lahore

      Thank you

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      Frank Atanacio 6 months ago from Shelton

      You are going to prove helpful in this community.. Good luck Frank