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Natural Remedies for Prostate Health

Updated on April 17, 2013
a healthy prostate gland as shown here
a healthy prostate gland as shown here | Source

Good prostate health is important to the general health of men. It is easy to have good prostate health and avoid problems associated with prostate chief among them being prostate cancer. There are some herbs that are known to promote prostate health. Here we shall have a look at some of them and get to understand how to avoid prostate problems. Prostate hyperplasia affects many men especially those at an advanced age. This problem manifests itself mostly by the prostate swelling and blocking the urethra till the bladder is unable to fully empty its contents.

Natural Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Benign prostate hyperplasia is normally treated by surgery but until recently, it has been proven that it can be prevented and treated by use of natural remedies. However natural remedies for prostate health should not replace the conventional medications especially at the advanced stages prostate conditions but rather to supplement them. Lets look at these natural supplements used in treatment of cancer.

Fruits containing lycopene

Lycopene is found in watermelons, tomatoes and  shrimps
Lycopene is found in watermelons, tomatoes and shrimps | Source


This is a pigment found in watermelons, tomatoes and shrimps. This nutrient has undergone a series of research and has been found to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells that are developing in the prostate. This is one of the natural remedies for prostate health. When one consumes food rich in lycopene over a period of years, this pigment accumulates in the cells found around the prostate lining. What lycopene does is that when the cancerous cells start developing then, they are caused to commit suicide. This is known as apoptosis.


These are some of the common foods that have beta-carotene
These are some of the common foods that have beta-carotene | Source


This is a common nutrient. It is found in carrots, sweet potatoes and oranges. It is what causes these foods to have an orange pigment. It is widely known to have significant prevention of benign prostate cancer. It is particularly useful in the prevention of benign prostatic hyperplasia. This is the enlargement of the prostate. Among the natural remedies for prostate health, beta-carotene ranks tops. It is better for enlarges prostate than all the other remedies including lycopene, omega 3 acids and vitamin E. However, these will be more important in prostate cancer.

Pollen is a good source of a wide range of nutrients because it is collected from a wide range of plants
Pollen is a good source of a wide range of nutrients because it is collected from a wide range of plants | Source

Bee pollen

This is the pollen that bees collect from different flowers and deposits in the beehive. This is product is rich in antioxidants. It is widely used in natural remedies for enlarged prostate. However, this product affects people with allergies to pollen. They should avoid it and look for other alternative natural remedies for prostate health.

Beta-sitosterol is made from extracts of cocoa and microalgae
Beta-sitosterol is made from extracts of cocoa and microalgae | Source


This is a nutrient extracted from cocoa and microalgae. This is a naturally occurring fatty acid. It interferes with the action of the enzyme 5-alpha reductose. This enzyme is what converts testosterone into another form that leads to growth of the prostate lining. However, this process of conversion of testosterone reduces sexual response but really reduces the growth of the cancerous cancer cells.

Natural Remedies for Prostate Health

soy and soy products

soy products are important in maintaining good prostate health
soy products are important in maintaining good prostate health | Source


Soy products have been proven to have a significant benefit in the fight against prostate cancer. One of the evidences is that men for Japan, who consume soy a lot of soy rarely die from prostate cancer. This is despite the fact that they get to suffer from enlarged prostate. The foods include miso tempeh, and tofu which are in the family of soy. The specific substances in the soy are genistein and isoflavinoids. These two are natural chemicals that have proved to be effective against prostate cancer.

foods that contain zinc

zinc is a particularly important nutrient to men
zinc is a particularly important nutrient to men

Saw palmetto

This is a well-known remedy for good prostate health. This contains tyramine which is an amino acid. This chemical helps in the relaxation of the tissues in the prostate. This herb works in the manner as such Beta-sitosterol by preventing the conversion of testosterone to its active form. One downside to the use of this herb is that it can cause migraines, so if you are prone to migraine, then avoid this herb.


This mineral is very important to the health of the prostate. As the zinc levels decrease in the blood, then prostasis develops. There are several foods that contain good levels of zinc in the body. These include pumpkin seeds. Shellfish is also a good source of zinc. For men above 5 years old, then they should strive to get a daily intake of 50-100 MG of zinc in a day. If the natural foods are not available, then this age group should try to take this nutrient through supplements. What causes men to lose zinc in the body is by the seminal emissions.

Top Foods for a Healthy Prostate


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    • James Hodge profile image

      James Hodge 

      5 years ago

      This is a good compilation. I fully endorse men taking beta-sitosterol for prostate health. I think that this natural ingredient is very effective. Men of all ages should consider prostate supplemetns seriously. According to a super beta prostate supplement review, this supplement contains a whole lot of beta-sitosterol and even 12 other trace minerals, including zinc. Supplements that give you one or more of these natural prostate remedies is probably worth investing in.


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