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Natural Remedies for a Sick Liver

Updated on March 13, 2013

The liver plays a major role in a lot of bodily functions, from producing protein to metabolizing iron, glucose and other minerals, inducing blood clotting, filtering cholesterol and more.

However, a variety of illnesses can affect the liver, and among these include hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, Gilbert's Syndrome,Budd-Chiari Syndrome, Wilson's Disease, biliary artresia and cirrhosis.

The symptoms of liver disease include fatigue, nausea, vomiting, weakness and jaundice (a yellow discoloration of the skin). The treatment of a particular liver disease will depend on its specific cause. (Source:

Let's discuss a number of natural remedies for a sick liver.

“Alcohol”  by Starsinthesky1986/Flickr
“Alcohol” by Starsinthesky1986/Flickr | Source

What Causes Liver Disease?

Liver diseases are brought about by a number of factors.

These include excessive alcohol intake, irregularities in diet, poor lifestyle habits, excessive junk food intake, infection, injury and prolonged use of antibiotics.

The other common symptoms of liver diseases include nausea, curved or whitish nails, frequent headache, irritability, loss of appetite and swelling of the lower rib. (Source

“Broccoli” by DavidNg/Flickr
“Broccoli” by DavidNg/Flickr | Source

Eat Natural, Organic Foods

Fresh, natural and organic foods are very helpful when it comes to keeping the liver healthy and warding-off certain diseases.

Vegetables like broccoli and cabbage help increase liver enzymes to flush out carcinogens, while beets and carrots promote increased liver function.

Fruits like walnuts and avocado also provide glutathione, a mineral that cleanses toxins. Garlic and onions also aid in activating liver enzymes, and removing harmful toxins.

Leafy green vegetables also aid in stimulating the flow of bile, while apples remove toxins from the digestive tract and protect the liver. (Source: Natural News)

How to Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

“Cinnamon Sticks” by DanielHurst/Flickr
“Cinnamon Sticks” by DanielHurst/Flickr | Source

Treat Liver Disease with Natural Herbs

According to recent data from the American Liver Association, fatty liver disease affects as much as 25 percent of people living in the United States. The common causes of fatty liver include use of certain drugs and medications, genetic disorders, excess body weight, exposure to pollutants and certain toxins, and excessive alcohol intake.

While certain natural and herbal remedies have been noted to be very helpful in treating fatty liver and other liver ailments, first consult with a medical doctor or dietitian, as well as a naturopathic health care professional, before you include any herbs or natural ingredients in your treatment or wellness program.

There are a number of herbs and homeopathic remedies for treating liver diseases.

Among these include milk thistle, green tea, dandelion, turmeric, aloe vera, cinnamon and Burdock root. Aloe Vera is often used as a pain reliever and digestive tonic. Here's a couple others:

  • Cinnamon reduces blood levels of fructose and glucose, and slows down development of fatty liver disease. Turmeric reduces inflammation, and relieves the symptoms of cirrhosis.
  • Milk thistle wards off free radicals, and fights oxidation.
  • Green tea contains high levels of catechins, which support liver function.
  • Burdock root aids in detoxification and cleanses the liver.

Regular exercise, and the use of antiviral medications to treat infections like Hepatitis-B and C, can also be very helpful. (Source:

How Healthy is Your Liver?

Have You Had Liver Problems in the Past? What did (do) you suffer from?

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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i have not been a whole body checkup for 7 odd years already. How well is my liver? No idea at all. But your points are well describe and nice photos. Voted up