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Natural Salt Water Flush

Updated on May 25, 2010
Unrefined salt
Unrefined salt

The practice of saltwater cleansing draws impurities out of our organs and purifies the digestive system. Folks participate in the practice of saltwater cleansing to treat ailments such as the common cold, high blood pressure (using unprocessed salt only), fever, digestive ailments and degenerative health issues.

Iodized table salts are dangerous to our health. While real sodium is important to our bodies for good health. Sodium can be found in nature and contains the 8 alkaline minerals and one of the 102 minerals found in the elemental chart. It is vital for balancing our sodium-potassium levels.

Sodium is the number one mineral in our blood and is the reason our blood has a salty taste. It also hydrates us. It helps us to properly use water in hot weather. If we don't have enough sodium in our bodies, we will become dehydrated and will also lead to imbalances in our blood pH. Our muscle function relies on the right amounts of sodium in order to work properly.

White table salt is not the same as sodium. It is sodium chloride. It imitates the function and taste of real sodium but has serious consequence to our health. Table salt is a man-made product. It is toxic and contains over 30 synthetic chemicals such as potassium iodide, sodium bicarbonate, sodium solo-co-aluminate and is turned white by using chlorine bleach.

When doing a saltwater cleanse, it is vital that you use only non-processed salt. Natural salt, such as Himalayan or Celtic sea salts will provide minerals to your body without the harmful implications of table salts.

Before embarking on a program of healing, it is important to cleanse your body of accumulated toxins. Cleansing your body of the built-up toxins will increase the effectiveness of any new program you begin. One or two days before starting this cleanse, it is important to cleanse your bowls. You can do this with a safe herbal laxative (such as garcinia or senna). While you are cleansing, you must avoid spicy foods, fried foods, alcohol, and rich/heavy foods. Eat only foods that are pure and unprocessed such as organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Daily Saltwater Flush Recipe

2 quarts of pure water boiled and warm

1 tablespoon natural sea salt (you may also use unprocessed salt from the ground)

juice of fresh lemon or lime (if you don't like the taste of the salt - you can omit if you are OK with it)

Combine ingredients and drink 16 oz at a time

Wake up at sunrise each day you are performing the cleanse. Drink the entire two quarts of saltwater drink 16 oz at a time.

Repeat this process for 7 days. As with any new health protocol, it is important to contact a holistic health care professional who can guide you through the process. He/she will be able to provide any contraindications with medications you might be taking.


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