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Natural Skin Treatments At Home

Updated on March 21, 2015

These days the use of commercial skin care products has associated with allergies and further skin problems. And consumers have become so conscious in selecting their skin care products since most of the skin treatments have synthetic ingredients and chemicals that can be responsible for many skin diseases. Honestly saying skin is the largest organ of our body, and when we apply any lotion or cream on it, at least one percentage of it may be absorbed into the body via the blood circulation. Nowadays, most people begin to prefer rather natural skin products than synthetics.

Natural Skin Care Products

Natural things for your own skin care treatments are easily available at your home or even some of them may be grown in your backyard as fruits or plants. They are so easy to get as you don't have to spend money. Natural products are economical because they have no costly chemicals or preservatives as in case of synthetic products. These products are hypoallergenic and there would be no chance to get allergies when they are applied on our body. Another great advantage is that our body is already ready to accept quickly and benefits can be seen in a short period.

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil

Coconut oil

The virgin coconut oil is one of the most economical and well known natural skin care products. It protects the skin from bacterial infections, and it has great tendency to lock moisture on it and make it naturally soft. It can prevent the formation of cancer-causing free radicals. Coconut oil is also so effective to cure chronic skin disorders like Dermatitis and Eczema. Even the regular application of four or five drops of virgin coconut oil will be helpful to cure such skin disorders.



Honey is another well known natural product as it can attract and build moisture in the skin. It will be so helpful in maintaining the elasticity of the body skin. When we compare with other skin care products, it has a long durability that is the specialty of this natural substance. Hence it contains anti-oxidants and natural vitamins and proteins, it prevents damage of the skin due to the exposure to sun light. It is also effective in the Acne treatment.


Sugar is another important ingredient of skin treatment that can be seen among other spices in kitchen. The Glycolic acid and its rough texture have made it great for exfoliating your skin to provide a healthy shining on it. The dead skin cells can be easily removed by gently scrubbing sugar solution on the face or any other affected part.

Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, is best for dry skin moisturizing and soothing irritation. It is effective in curing sunburns and removing black spots in face and other parts of body. It can be a good solution for dry skin and removing wrinkles

Hen Eggs

Eggs contain natural proteins and are responsible for removing the pores on face. These are most effective in curing Acne, but at the same time very economical. We should use only the whites of Eggs for skin treatment.

Lemon And Papaya
Lemon And Papaya

Lemon, Tamarind And Papaya

All these three fruits can be used to give shining on face. Since these fruits contain good amount of antioxidants, vitamin C and minerals they can help to keep the health of skin naturally. Two tbs juice of lemon or tamarind or papaya is mixed with one tbs of honey to get the most effective natural skin care product.

Natural Skin Treatment is Suitable For All Age Groups

In fact all age groups can use natural skin care products. The hypoallergenic properties of natural skin products make them suitable for sensitive people. The antioxidants components in and natural vitamins can prevent many skin diseases, even skin cancer .

Though you are trusted completely on natural skin treatments, you also need healthy diet and regular exercise in your daily to maintain good health of your skin.


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