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Natural Snoring Relief: Herbal Snore Cures and Home Remedies

Updated on April 28, 2012
Willow Sidhe profile image

Willow Sidhe is a nature enthusiast with over a decade of experience creating natural health and beauty products for herself and her family.

If you're the snorer in your home, count yourself lucky. After all, you're the only one who can sleep soundly through the noise. You can, however, show some consideration for the rest of the family by using natural remedies for snoring relief. Making a change in your sleeping position may be all you need, but in some cases other lifestyle changes may be required. In addition, there are several home remedies and herbal preparations one can use to get natural snoring relief safely and easily.

Catching Zzz's
Catching Zzz's
Prop yourself up on pillows to reduce snoring.
Prop yourself up on pillows to reduce snoring.

Elevation for Natural Snoring Relief

Sometimes the addition of a few extra pillows is all you need to get natural snoring relief. Prop yourself up to prevent throat tissue from falling into your air passages. Try different positions until you find what works best. You may need a spouse or roommate to let you know when you've really stopped snoring and then repeat the same position each night.

You may also try elevating the head of your bed to get rid of snoring problems. Place a few flat boards under the legs at the top of your bed. Raise the bed a little more each night until you find the correct height to prevent your snoring. If you don't live alone, be sure to ask your partner if they have a problem with jacking up the bed first. Chances are if they've lived with your snoring, they won't mind an elevated bed!

Tennis balls are an excellent natural remedy for snoring.
Tennis balls are an excellent natural remedy for snoring.

Change Sleeping Positions for Natural Snoring Relief

One of the easiest changes you can make to help reduce snoring is to change the position in which you sleep. When you sleep on your back, your tongue and soft palate rest against the back of your throat, which blocks the airway and causes snoring. Sleeping on your side, however, often completely stops snoring. The only catch here is that there's no guarantee you'll stay on your back all night.

One way you can be sure you won't roll over on to your back during the night is to sew a tennis ball into a small pocket on the back of your nightshirt. Each time you roll over it will be so uncomfortable that you won't be able to stay in this position. Instant natural snoring relief! If this treatment doesn't appeal, you can always have your partner roll you over when you begin snoring during the night.

Follow Your Nose for Natural Snoring Relief

In some cases, nasal congestion may be the culprit behind snoring problems. If this is what causes your snoring, try taking an antihistamine or decongestant at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Nasal strips are also very effective for natural snoring relief when the problem is caused by congestion.

Nasal strips can be purchased in your local drug store. Read the directions for proper use, which usually consists of unwrapping a strip and placing it across your nose. Sure, it may look funny, but your house mates will likely tolerate your silly appearance for relief from your nose snoring.

Stinging nettle can help reduce snoring.
Stinging nettle can help reduce snoring.

Herbs for Natural Snoring Relief

There are a few herbs that may help you achieve natural snoring relief. These include peppermint and stinging nettle. Gargle with a peppermint mouthwash made by adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a cup of cold water for at least 30 seconds before bed. This treatment is especially effective if your snoring is temporary and caused by allergies or a cold.

Stinging nettle is also effective for allergy-induced snoring, particularly if the problem is only seasonal. Try drinking three cups of stinging nettle tea per day to reduce snoring. The tea will soothe inflammation caused by allergies to pollen or other substances, thus reducing snoring caused by the same problems.

Prevention for Natural Snoring Relief

Although there are numerous remedies to stop snoring out there, the best thing you can do for your condition is to prevent it in the first place. Cutting out cigarettes and losing weight are two of the most important things you can do to reduce snoring problems. Also avoid heavy meals and alcohol at least three hours before bed.

Other things you can do for natural snoring relief include placing a humidifier in your bedroom, reducing bedroom allergens by vacuuming the carpets and drapes daily, and trying an anti-snore contour pillow. While expensive, they really do the trick and will help you sleep peacefully. 


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