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Natural Way to Lose Belly Fat

Updated on July 24, 2010

How to know that you are having excessive abdominal fat?

To determine whether there is extra abdominal fat around your waist is the premise of taking any further steps to eliminate those belly fat. Basically, there are three methods or principles to judge whether you are having excessive belly fat.

1, Stand straight and look at the ground, if you are not able to see your toes, it may probably mean that you are having too much abdominal fat in the body.

2, Lie flat on the floor, then put a ruler on top of your body, in the middle line of the sternum and pelvis area. If the ruler starts to move like a seesaw, it indicates that you need to trim off extra fat around your stomach.

3, Measure your WHR (Waist-Hip Ratio), the ratio of waist to hip, your waist (standing straight when measured) circumference divided by the hip number. If the ratio exceeds 0.85 (female) and 0.95 (men), then it shows that you are having extra abdominal fat.

Books on how to lose belly fat effectively

Many office workers sit in the office for the whole day, Due to lack of exercise, it is quite easy for them to accumulate fat in the abdominal position, while the abdominal fat is very hard to burn off, special treatment has to be used in order to get control of belly fat:

Change your eating habit

Do not sit down or sleep immediately after meals, it is best to take a walk or stand for a while. This will not only help digestion, but it also helps to reduce fat accumulation around your stomach. Because the time within 30 minutes after a meal is the most “crucial time” to lose your belly fat, it is also the easiest time to gain some extra inches around your waist if you are Sedentary.

Eating proper foods can help you burn off belly fat instead of gaining unwanted weight. We might use some of blood lipid-lowering foods to help reducing body fat. Some experts believe that there are a lot of effective substances in our foods that help to reduce excessive body fat, so that people can enjoy delicious food while losing weight. In recent years, the world's most popular weight-loss products are using cereals and sea foods as raw materials. For example, some weight loss cookies are made of beans, grains and sea foods, with several kinds of essential nutrients and fibers that help to lose weight. The food can absorb excess body fat, while adjusting nutritional imbalance at the same time. Eating some biscuits with a cup of yogurt is an effective way to both weight loss and health. Below are some types of food that help to lose belly fat:

Garlic contains sulfur, the formation of sulfur-based compounds can reduce blood cholesterol and prevent thrombosis, helping to increase high-density cholesterol and weight loss.

Oats are very rich in linoleic acid that prevents atherosclerosis. Corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium and lecithin, vitamin E, etc., which can also help to reduce cholesterol.

Do some exercises regularly

Hula hoop exercise, or sit-ups all help to gradually eliminate belly fat, and make your stomach muscles stronger and not easily to accumulate abdominal fat.

Do some abdominal exercises frequently to avoid the accumulation of belly fat, this will reduce your stomach fat gradually.

Lying flat on the floor while doing sit-ups is a great exercise to lose belly fat. If you can stick to the exercise for several months, you will see some good results.

In addition, massage the abdomen with both hands. Firstly 50 times in a clockwise direction, then 50 times in a counter clockwise direction.


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