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Natural Ways to Eliminate Belly Fat

Updated on July 24, 2010

Excessive accumulation of body fat is harmful to your health, especially when the fat is gathered around your waist and stomach. To determine whether a person is overweight, you should not make judgement from his or her appearance, however there's an objective criteria we will discuss in this article later.

Obesity is generally divided into two categories: one is the secondary obesity caused by certain diseases from endocrine disorders, such as insulin resistance, hypothyroidism etc., such obesity is extremely rare. The other is obesity caused by factors such as genetic factors, overeating and lack of exercise. Psychological or environmental factors are likely to play a role in this type of obesity. When the weight of a person is 20% more than the standard weight, the person can be regarded as obese. We know that obese people are prone to hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Medical statistics show that the chance of having coronary heart disease in obese people is 5 times higher than in normal person. Fat people’s average life expectancy is significantly lower than normal-weight people.

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Recent studies have shown that abdominal fat is more dangerous than fat on the hips, people with more belly fat is more susceptible to heart disease. The cholesterol are different in people with buttocks fat and belly fat. For those with fat hips, their bodies’ high-density lipoprotein cholesterol level is high, this cholesterol is considered useful, it can prevent heart disease. However, people with fat bellies and small hips are lack of this cholesterol, so they are more likely to have heart disease. Generally speaking, women usually have fat hips while men have fat bellies, that’s why men are prone to heart disease than women.

So, how to determine that you are having too much belly fat for your health? Here is a simple calculation: measure your waist and hip circumference while standing straight, then use the waist circumference divided by the hip’s size to obtain the waist-hip ratio. The upper limit for men’s WHR is from 0.85 to 0.9, for women is 0.75 to 0.8. People over this range can be deemed as abdominal obesity.

If you want to eliminate your belly fat effectively, you can try the following tips to help you melt away those extra inches around your waist:

Doing exercises regularly, aerobic exercises (running, swimming, rope skipping, etc.) are really effective in losing belly fat. The strength of these exercises are not too huge, but these exercises must be more than 30 minutes

Many people think that abdominal exercise (sit-ups) can eliminate belly fat, but this is wrong actually, sit-ups can only carve the line of abdominal muscles. If you have too much tummy fat, you must first start from aerobic exercises to burn off extra belly fat before you can begin to do abdominal exercise.

Besides exercises, you should also pay attention to your diet. Daily meals are important, you should eat them regularly, especially breakfast. Do not skip meals. Try to reduce the consumption of fried food, or you’d better only eat fried food during lunch, because fat is most easily to be stored around your waist and stomach after dinner. Foods that are low in fat and high in fiber also help to make your weight loss program more effective:

1, Reduce the intake of fried potatoes, particularly French fries, other fried foods should be avoided. 

2, Eat more sweet potatoes, because sweet potatoes contain a lot of water-soluble fiber that helps intestinal peristalsis.

3, Choose high-fiber bread, do not eat biscuits and white bread, you must pay attention to those so-called high-fiber shortbread, because although it claims to be high-fiber, but its oil content is very high. Many people think that it is the holy grail to losing weight, but they are wrong. Just look at its oil content! 

4, Chew food for more than 30 seconds before swallowing, because the saliva will be secreted at this time to help you digest the food, as well as to reduce the risk of stomach disease. Besides the long time of chewing will allow us to have a sense of satiety, this also reduces the food intake while maintain the absorption of nutrients. For example, when we are eating high-starch foods, especially french fries, we usually eat more before we begin to feel full!

5, Drink low-fat milk instead of whole milk, Diet Coke instead of regular Coke. Use apple cider vinegar instead of mayonnaise when eating salad. Eat more fruits, drink less fruit juice. 


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