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Natural Ways to Treat Heartburn

Updated on November 19, 2010

Heartburn, whether mild of intense is a frequent cause of discomfort in today’s world. These heartburn tips will help prevent, treat and minimize the symptoms of heartburn. However, severe heartburn should always be discussed with a doctor and may require medication.

When Eating

-Eat Early

Give your body time to digest your food and eat a minimum of two hours before you go to bed. That way digestion process and the subsequent heartburn won’t keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

-Eat Slowly

Eating slowly and chewing your food thoroughly will make it easier for your body to digest the food. The harder your body has to work on digestion the more likely you are to get heartburn.

-Eat Calmly

Stress can contribute to heartburn and while you may not be able to avoid all stressors during the day; relaxing during a meal can minimize your risk of heartburn.

-Eat Upright

Lying down and slouching can also lead to heartburn. The best posture for eating and avoiding heartburn is sitting at an average height dining table and looking forward while you swallow.

-Eat Small

Eating small meals will ensure that your stomach doesn’t get so full that some of the food you eat gets pushed into your esophagus leading to heartburn.

Foods to Avoid:

-Greasy foods

-Foods high in fat

-Spicy foods


-Citrus fruits


-Caffeinated beverages

Final Tips:

Make an appointment with your doctor if you cannot achieve relief or your heartburn pain is consistent, intensifying in pain, just plain stressing you out or you feel you need to. Heartburn can indicate a more serious condition or may not even be heartburn.

Chewing gum after meals has been reported to help some heartburn sufferers.



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    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

      Jo, This is very helpful information. I am on medicine that gives me heartburn, so I am on medicine for that also. I long to do things naturally and you have some excellent suggestions.